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As the saying goes out with the old in the NEW come and see our new website for yourself we’d love your feedback and thoughts 🙂

You can see our website at – www.dvdlocker.co.uk

OK, so yes we’ve been in a pandemic which I’m sure will be going down in the History Books. Times have been well a little uncertain to say the least, with 1000s or deaths (R.I.P x), businesses going under, staff members being furloughed and of course the whole world being banned from leaving the house apart from for essential purposes only..

So yes 2020 hasn’t been the best to us, even us at DVDLocker had to restructure a few things to make sure we safeguarded our future.

With a lot of time on our hands, and the ability for all our staff members to work from home remotely we have been working on some new, improved offerings that we cannot wait to bring to your DVDLocker membership!

So this post is about all the NEW things you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks ahead…

  • Our very own DVDLocker Shop – this is our brand new offering, we will be allowing our members access to some great movies from Steel Boxsets, Special Edition movies and more..

  • Upgrade Your Deliveries – We know the post has been somewhat slow over the last few months, so coming soon you can have the standard delivery which will be at NO COST to you, or you can choose to upgrade to a Tracked Service, Next Day Service and more! These will carry an additional cost but you can opt in and out anytime you like.

  • Fresh Movies – We have been adding more and more titles to our monthly movie subscription service to give you better choices than ever!

  • PerksOh yes! Perks are coming back and with a vengeance! Get ready for some great prizes, competitions and freebies and yes this is completely FREE as part of your DVDLocker subscription.

  • DVDLocker insider returns – This one seems quite obvious as your reading as we speak, however we’ve returned and will be writing more content than ever and of coirsr some sneaky DVDLocker insider peaks too!

  • Out with the old in with the new – We have tweaked and changed our packaging and materials for a fresh new look! You will start seeing the new look packages from July onwards.. We have changed our packaging to a more ECO friendly product that is 100% recyclable – yes that’s right, 100%!! And we have also changed our flyers to cards too.

  • Price Rise FREEZEAs with most businesses as times go on prices do tend to increase we haven’t had a price increase since 2016 as we do try to keep our prices fair. However as of August 2020 we will be bringing in our price increase – the good news?! For every existing DVDLocker subscriber your price will remain frozen! So yes you won’t be affected by this.

  • 4K PlansYes you heard right our 4K plans will be launching very shortly. Are you ready for a different view?

  • A List Movies – We will be adding a new add on which will allow you to have the newest movies to date! These titles will be anything from 2019 – 2020 so you will get the newest stuff that has hit the screens! Keep your eyes peeled for this add on launching soon..

  • DVDLocker is changing – And finally in the background our IT geeks have been updating, coding and altering our DVDLocker website from the ground up, a little hint? We’ve gone for a different colour scheme; all shall be revealed before August! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

As you can see we have been busy working on additional features, add ons and services to bring your more value & excitement to your DVDLocker monthly subscription – we cannot wait for you to try these out for yourself!

So until next time Stay Safe

Happy reading!

DVDLocker insider

So we are nearing the end of September and as per usual we here at DVD Locker have been busy making our service more, robust, safe and above all smarter than ever! Allowing YOU our customers extra value for money and an easier platform to use for our service. Let’s take a look at how we changed in September.

  1. We introduced you to our Like, Swap & Dislike feature, allowing you to really have your say when we have chosen your movie(s)
  2. We are implementing a Rewards Package for all DVD Locker Customers, based on loyalty; you will be able to swap your points for all sorts of prizes from Free DVDs, to Cinema Tickets and even weekend breaks away all paid for by us.
  3. We have made your DVD Locker Account Portals Faster, Smarter and Safer – Our customers are our number one priority, and your safety shall never be compromised.
  4. We are currently implementing a new package which you will see mid October it will be a ‘Block Buster package’ meaning you can get the very latest DVDs & Blurays that are out today, and as always we promise that the price will be competitive saving you a small fortune from local supermarkets, shops and movie stores.
  5. Our Hamper packs are back, and with a mighty BOOM, stay tuned to see our brand new Hamper Package page which will be accessible from DVD Lockers main website.
  6. We have introduced Vouchers as an option for you to purchase as gifts for your friends and family. We are in the process of making this feature better, look out for the new-look Voucher which might we add will be 100% customisable by you (in real time) Your vouchers really will be personal than ever.
  7. We added Whatsapp to our contact panel, now you can connect with us directly from your accounts, and we aim to respond within 10 minutes. Why not add DVD Locker to your contacts? – 0799974264
  8. We are currently testing our brand new SMS Notification Service We want to make DVD Locker easy, Simple and effective as we can, so our new SMS Notification service will allow us to send you simple updated texts to your Mobile(s) when we have something to update you on; for example ‘Your Films have been dispatched, look out for the postie!’ and ‘We have now updated your new address, details thanks’ – look out for this in the upcoming future.

As you can see September has been quite a busy month for us here at DVD Locker but we always want to make our Service the best it can be, and of course we need your help to do this, so if you have any suggestions, comments or idea’s our team would love to hear from you simply email us at idea@dvdlocker.co.uk and we will look into this and see if it fits into our company roadmap, and who knows your idea really might be the next DVD Locker update.