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Howdy readers,

So we thought we would give you a brief update on how we are getting along;

As discussed in our Previous Blog you are now aware that we are currently working on our Boxsets Packages see how we are progressing below;

See where we are and how we are doing before we launch our very exciting new packages here at DVDLocker!

  • Design and scale a fully working add-on page to our www.dvdlocker.co.uk website – COMPLETE
  • Get over 600 brand new TV Series and Boxsets for our customers – COMPLETE (actually we got 780 currently)
  • Design and code our very own in-house shop to be added to DVDLocker main website – IN PROGRESS 
  • Remove our old ‘Hampers Packages’ page from the website and replace with ‘Boxsets Packages’ – IN PROGRESS


As you can see we are currently working on this and getting it ready for our customers, but we assure you that it will be worth the wait!

we will update you again shortly;

Marketing Team