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Happy Wednesday people, so the sun is shining (yay for Summer) and here is our daily blog/film review, if your fortunate to be following us on Twitter @Dvd_locker you would already know that Conjuring 2 was our next film to review, as we always give our followers a heads up before we blog!

So lets begin, we sat down last night and you guessed it.. watched Conjuring 2 we like to mix it up a little abit like our Movie Box’s we don’t like watching the same genre day in day out, I mean we love variety and we assume you do to!

So this film is filmed in London, England, UK which was quite nice to see a British take on the film, The Conjuring 2 doesn’t waste time in bringing on the scare factor!. By that, I mean you’re pretty much lulled into the Conuring world pretty soon after the opening credits (around 3 minutes in.. you get deep)

The Warrens are sent on behalf of the church to investigate some paranormal activity which is whipping up a media storm in Enfield, England and, as per the first movie, they go and attempt to work on the situation. As per the first movie, a family is being haunted and they fear for their sanity and lives. There are a few new twists this time round, so all does not play out as before – but it’s not a complete departure from the format, which might have made it a bit more gripping in places.

James Wan’s trademark visual style is repeated in this movie – his bag of tricks sometimes yielding a sense of deja vu but generally working like a charm. When it’s intended to scare, it really does. The scares come a bit more frequently than in the first movie and do manage to build a lot of tension, even if you’ve seen the original, so well done to Wan for that, We really was clenching our shoulders, and perching on the edge of our seats!

What’s really enjoyable about this movie, is its recreation of 70s England. Wan has really done a great job of this, which is surprising given that he’s not from there. Also, the central support role of Janet Hodgson is pretty crucial to empathising with the Enfield family and Madison Wolfe gives a solid, all round performance.

It’s arguable this one is as strong as the first. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed part one, or indeed likes movies of a haunting or supernatural themes.

The film is quick, querky and as already explained scary! It gets tense very quickly, and thickly this film is a must for fans of paranormal and haunting genres – this one is definitely for you!

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