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Army of the dead (2021) horror/action
Well draw closer my young Padawans ūüėĀ wow if your a sucker for the zombie flick, may I draw your attention to this little gem!
It‚Äôs a long movie at 2h 28m ‚Ķ but what bliss , I really did enjoy this movie. By now you know I never give the plot away . . Just take my word on faith, definitely work this movie into your busy schedules. A shout out to Dave Bautista and Tig Notaro wonderful performances ūüėĀ

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Well Hello again

Good news – We are¬†back online¬†sorry we haven’t been on here in like forever, but not to worry we are back and with a vengeance!

Now let’s explain what¬†happened (briefly) shall we?

Don’t worry no sob stories will be given ūüôā

We have been¬†mega busy¬†with¬†DVDLocker¬†and have had been off doing events all over the world, I know¬†exciting right!? And¬†we’ve also recruited a few newbies to our company

So as you can now hopefully see how busy we have been and we shall be launching the new, better, faster & Smarter DVDLocker website and login portal shortly

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‘More than Movies’



So we have listened to all our customers feedback and as a result we have decided to move our customers dispatch dates forward Рmeaning that you will have;

  • Longer time periods to ‘SWAP’ your movies
  • More breathing space for your busy lifestyles
  • More time to really decide if the films we are sending are going to suit your needs

We have moved everyone of our customers dispatch dates forward by 5 days 

If you need longer, please email Customer Care on support@dvdlocker.co.uk

*We aim to respond to all customer queries within 2 working hours.