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Let’s go shopping!

Another quick update for all you Movie lovers and Boxset lovers out there!

Ahead of our launch of our brand new boxsets collection, we are going to be implementing DVDLocker’s very own integrated SHOP so if you want to buy as a one off – now you can, this will be available in the New Year at the latest.

What will be in the shop?

We will be featuring the following in the shop;

  • DVDs
  • Blurays
  • Boxsets
  • TV Series
  • Merchandise
  • Sweets
  • Treats

Will you then be closing your subscription down?

Absolutely NOT the shop will run alongside our subscription packages, so if you want to buy as a one off then you can.

Why should I buy from DVDLocker Shop?

Because this will be an Online Shop therefore we as a company do not need to pay for fancy actual shops, overheads or utility bills, therefore that’s why we can offer our customers very Competitive rates as we pass the savings down to YOU

Where can I find the shop?

As we are still working on implemeting this additional service you won’t see anything as of yet, however when we are ready to launch you will find it on the following link www.dvdlocker.co.uk/shop or you can simply click the ‘Shop Now’ button which will be shown on homepage of our main website.

How many titles will be available on your shop?

To date we aren’t sure how many we will be adding, however for the record we currently have just over 23,000 dvds and blurays, and a collection of over 6,980 TV series and Boxsets.


Happy Shopping!

DVDLocker- Blog Team