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DVDLocker’s Lockdown Class

Happy Monday readers!

Let’s start the week with a high! Let’s get moving and get our hearts pumping with our very own Lockdown Class!

Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID19 we haven’t wrote much content as we’ve been focusing on helping and supporting our customers during this unpredictable times.

With more and more people working from hope and actually being at home more than ever! We wanted to share some little hints, tips and Tricks with you all to ensure you stay safe and healthy, therefore welcome to DVDLocker’s Lockdown Class! Now of course DVDLocker is a movie subscription and not quite linked to the world of fitness however by following some of our simple steps you can really start getting your steps back in, clearing your mind and feeling better in yourself – so if your ready all you need is:

  • Towel 🧼
  • Plenty of water 💧
  • Exercise Mat 👣
  • Your favourite music 🎵

Important disclaimer – Please only attempt our class if you have no serious underlining health conditions, if you are unsure please speak with your doctor or a medical professional before participating with any form of exercise. IF you feel dizzy, light headed or very short of breath during this routine please STOP immediately safety is paramount.


OK! So you’ve got everything above and raring to go, first place your Mat on a level surface and ensure you have enough space to move around freely. Get your water at the ready and in reaching distance. Your Towel should also be near by for when you need to wipe away that glaze on your face.. and of course one of the most important items! Press Play and get the music pumping…


To start us off we are going to get our joints nice and loose, and get our heart rate beating a little.

1) Start marching on the Mat, swing your arms, and keep your knees up – slow pace, for 40 seconds

2) OK, now your marching! Let’s pick up the pace simply Start going FASTER and keep those knees up (this will be like a jog) – fast pace, for 30 seconds

3) STOP marching, and let’s start doing some Jumping Jacks Make sure to spread both your legs and arms on each and every jump – medium pace, for 40 seconds

Now your nicely warmed up, your heart rate should now be beating faster, and your working up a little sweat! Don’t forget to stay hydrated use your water to keep going..


4) Start hopping on the spot (like a kind of bunny) but push up from your feet – medium pace, for 40 seconds

5) Change from hopping on both feet to your RIGHT leg only – slow pace for 10 seconds

6) Now SWITCH! Start hopping on your LEFT leg instead – remain with a nice slow pace for another 10 seconds

7) Back to Jumping Jacks this time we are going to pick up the pace, so let’s do – fast pace for 30 seconds


8) ——- BREAK ——– Your doing Fantastic! Have some of your water, and wipe away that glaze on your face – remember keep smiling 🙂 it WILL help you continue – you’ve now done 3.5 minutes in total we are going to have a 40 second break remaining standing try not to sit down at this point if you can…


9) Back to work! Lay down on your Mat and lift both your knees up like your sat on a chair position your body should have an ‘L’ shape, put your hands behind your head.. great! Now let’s do 20 x sit-ups and remember breathe inhale from the nose and exhale through the mouth..

10) Lift both your Back and Legs off the Mat and hold the position, rotate from left to right with your arms and your torso as if your pulling a rope complete 2 pulls per side (2 pulls LEFT, 2 pulls right) complete this 20 times in total


11) Stand up and SHAKE your Legs, Arms, Feet to loosen those joints – nice and slow for 10 seconds


14) Sit down on the Mat, with both legs crossed and take some nice deep breaths in and out – nice and slow for a final 60 seconds


You’ve completed our Class! We hope your feeling good remember moving daily can really help your joints and mind. We hope you’ve enjoyed. Now grab something to eat a Banana is excellent after exercise and sweet too!

Until next time, Stay Safe