Nomadland (2020)

  • United States
  • 107
  • Drama
  • 2020
7.3 out of 10
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A woman in her sixties, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.


Name Role
Frances McDormand Fern
Gay DeForest Gay
Patricia Grier Patty
Linda May Linda
Angela Reyes Angela
Carl R. Hughes Carl
Douglas G. Soul Doug
Ryan Aquino Ryan
Teresa Buchanan Teresa
Karie Lynn McDermott Wilder Karie
Brandy Wilber Brandy
Makenzie Etcheverry Makenzie
Bob Wells Bob
Annette Webb Annette
Rachel Bannon Rachel
Charlene Swankie Swankie
David Strathairn Dave
Bryce Bedsworth Bryce
Sherita Deni Coker Deni
Merle Redwing Merle
Forrest Bault Forrest
Suanne Carlson Suanne
Donnie Miller Donnie
Roxanne Bay Roxy
Matt Sfaelos Noodle
Ronald O. Zimmerman Ron
Derek Endres Derek
Paige Dean Paige
Paul Winer Paul
Derrick Janis Victor
Greg Barber Greg
Carol Anne Hodge Carol
Matthew Stinson Nurse Matt
Terry Phillip Terry
Bradford Lee Riza Brad
Tay Strathairn James
Cat Clifford Cat
James R. Taylor Jr. James
Jeremy Greenman Jeremy
Ken Greenman Ken
Melissa Smith Dolly
Warren Keith George
Jeff Andrews Jeff
Paul Cunningham Paul
Emily Jade Foley Emily
Mike Sells Mike
Peter Spears Peter
Cheryl Davis Cheri
Kyler Anderson South Dakota Extra
Nicole Anderson South Dakota Extra
Sophia Anderson South Dakota Extra
Miranda Andrew South Dakota Extra
Collin Andrew South Dakota Extra
Everly Andrew South Dakota Extra
Bennett Andrew South Dakota Extra
Asher Andrew South Dakota Extra
Megan Bachmann South Dakota Extra
Brad Barker South Dakota Extra
Ruth Barnett South Dakota Extra
Kim Bartling South Dakota Extra
Dean Bender South Dakota Extra
Pauline Besson South Dakota Extra
Royce Big Boy South Dakota Extra
John Brockelsby South Dakota Extra
James Calhoon South Dakota Extra
Aidan Carl South Dakota Extra
Melanie Carl South Dakota Extra
Mary Caulderon South Dakota Extra
Arlen Clairmont South Dakota Extra
Michael DeLauder South Dakota Extra
Steven DeWolfe South Dakota Extra
Nathan Dubray South Dakota Extra
Bruce Dunker South Dakota Extra
Marsha Eisenbraun South Dakota Extra
Walter Elff South Dakota Extra
Lee Eskin South Dakota Extra
Ashlee Fears South Dakota Extra
Sydnee Ferguson South Dakota Extra
Marvie Ferguson South Dakota Extra
Chris Freinstad South Dakota Extra
Helene Gaddie South Dakota Extra
Waylon Gaddie South Dakota Extra
Anthony Garnette South Dakota Extra
Ned Geigle South Dakota Extra
Neva Hamann South Dakota Extra
Christian Haugo South Dakota Extra
Jill Haugo South Dakota Extra
Caroline Haugo South Dakota Extra
Catherine Haugo South Dakota Extra
Christina Hertel South Dakota Extra
Kayleigh Heiss South Dakota Extra
Kevin Hunter South Dakota Extra
Sean Huxtable South Dakota Extra
Lyndone Iron Rope South Dakota Extra
Blaze Iron Rope South Dakota Extra
Nalayah Janis South Dakota Extra
Melody Janis South Dakota Extra
Thunder Lee Janis South Dakota Extra
Layla Janis South Dakota Extra
Jacoby Johns South Dakota Extra
Martin Kachulachki South Dakota Extra
Hillary Kahler South Dakota Extra
John Kahler South Dakota Extra
Fiona Kahler South Dakota Extra
Gabe Kahler South Dakota Extra
Dane Kahler South Dakota Extra
Yeva Kahler South Dakota Extra
Winter Kills Straight South Dakota Extra
Natalya Kornblum-Laudi South Dakota Extra
Tanner Langdeau South Dakota Extra
Kassandra Linn South Dakota Extra
Kathleen Maguire South Dakota Extra
Appoloney Martin South Dakota Extra
Melody Martin South Dakota Extra
Sue Michels South Dakota Extra
Caitlin Monahan South Dakota Extra
Deirdre Monahan South Dakota Extra
Larry Noble South Dakota Extra
Paul Ogren South Dakota Extra
Matt Olson South Dakota Extra
Miroslav Pashalisvi South Dakota Extra
Sasha Piscuskas South Dakota Extra
Whitney Pourier South Dakota Extra
Nick Rettinger South Dakota Extra
Shanice Roberts South Dakota Extra
Mary Roland South Dakota Extra
Alexa Roland South Dakota Extra
Amara Roland South Dakota Extra
Kara Sitting Up South Dakota Extra
Joshua Strandell South Dakota Extra
Ramona Tibbitts South Dakota Extra
Roland Traverny South Dakota Extra
Rae Dawn Tuttle South Dakota Extra
Drelyn Tuttle South Dakota Extra
Amiyah Tuttle South Dakota Extra
Michael Twiss Jr. South Dakota Extra
Melonia Two Hearts South Dakota Extra
Tsu-Hao Wang South Dakota Extra
Kari Welsh South Dakota Extra
Anita Williams South Dakota Extra
David Yahne South Dakota Extra
Whitney Zenk South Dakota Extra
Michael Albaugh Nebraska Extra
Michael Amaya Nebraska Extra
Terry Bird Nebraska Extra
Brandon Byers Nebraska Extra
Erik Cazares Nebraska Extra
Josephine Chang-Olenick Nebraska Extra
Shiela Clemens Nebraska Extra
Hallie Clemens Nebraska Extra
Kaitlynn Devoss Nebraska Extra
Migdahi Garcia Nebraska Extra
Lorie Greenman Nebraska Extra
Honorio Guzman Nebraska Extra
Patrick Harton Nebraska Extra
John Helton Nebraska Extra
Matthew Hessler Nebraska Extra
John Hessler Nebraska Extra
Dominick Hoffa Nebraska Extra
Eric Indermill Nebraska Extra
Cheryl Kaman Nebraska Extra
Randy Kane Nebraska Extra
Daniel Lerma Nebraska Extra
Fugin Liu Nebraska Extra
Maria Martinez Nebraska Extra
Rosalba Martinez Nebraska Extra
Joselyn Martinez Nebraska Extra
Julian Maxwell Nebraska Extra
Rudy Mendoza Nebraska Extra
Lorenzo Mendoza Nebraska Extra
Alfredo Ortiz Nebraska Extra
Margaret Piazza-Franklin Nebraska Extra
Robin Redfield Nebraska Extra
Frank Rogers Nebraska Extra
Thomas Sanchez Nebraska Extra
Matt Sanchez Nebraska Extra
Molleigh Valdez Nebraska Extra
Michael Vigh Nebraska Extra
Tao Wen Nebraska Extra
Floyd Beatty Nevada Extra
Christina Brower Nevada Extra
George Corning Nevada Extra
Kirt DeForest Nevada Extra
Jonathan Drawdy Nevada Extra
Nathan Drawdy Nevada Extra
Aubrey Etcheverry Nevada Extra
Steve Fecht Nevada Extra
Daniel Grier Nevada Extra
Nick Lundstrom Nevada Extra
Katherine Motsinger Nevada Extra
Blanche Nonken Nevada Extra
Carolyn Russell Nevada Extra
Steven Wilson Nevada Extra
Nancy Akerson Arizona Extra
David Ainley Arizona Extra
Eileen Allen Arizona Extra
Rebecca Ancira Arizona Extra
Jacobb Andelin Arizona Extra
Mariet Andrews Arizona Extra
Anthony Battaglia Arizona Extra
Karen Battaglia Arizona Extra
Nancy Baumeister Arizona Extra
Ausia Berger Arizona Extra
Phyllis Bickford Arizona Extra
Josh Brink Arizona Extra
Samantha Brink Arizona Extra
Michael R. Brown Arizona Extra
Jessica Bruder Arizona Extra
David Carlson Arizona Extra
Deborah Carvalho Arizona Extra
Karen Christ Arizona Extra
Alan Christensen Arizona Extra
Keegan Colter Arizona Extra
Brenda Cordray Arizona Extra
Dan Cordray Arizona Extra
Jerald Cox Arizona Extra
Nelda L. Cox Arizona Extra
Jett Cunningham Arizona Extra
Quinn Cunningham Arizona Extra
Terra L. Cunningham Arizona Extra
Michael DeCoster Arizona Extra
Silvianne K. Delmars Arizona Extra
Jennifer Derge Arizona Extra
Debra S. Dickinson Arizona Extra
Jamie Dimon Arizona Extra
Jeremy Domire Arizona Extra
Austin Drury Arizona Extra
Lavonne Ellis Arizona Extra
Gary Fallon Arizona Extra
Cindy Fixter Arizona Extra
V.J. Flanary Arizona Extra
Wendy Flesch Arizona Extra
John S. Gallegos Arizona Extra
Brian D. Gifford Arizona Extra
Michael Gilbert Arizona Extra
Max Gorkiewicz Arizona Extra
Margaret Gorkiewicz Arizona Extra
Robyn L. Gorkiewicz Arizona Extra
Gary E. Green Arizona Extra
Dawn Harkness Arizona Extra
Angela Harmon Arizona Extra
Rayaline J. Hartsock Arizona Extra
Mark Hendrickson Arizona Extra
Adrian Hernandez Arizona Extra
James R. Heth Arizona Extra
Carolyn R. Higgins Arizona Extra
Bobby Hill Arizona Extra
Deborah Hoak Arizona Extra
David Humbert Arizona Extra
Ivan Juhl Arizona Extra
Jolene Juhl Arizona Extra
Richard Anton Kral Arizona Extra
Ginger Lauss Arizona Extra
Anja McGuire Arizona Extra
Bob McGuire Arizona Extra
Jerry McInroe Arizona Extra
Vern McPherson Arizona Extra
Lois Middleton Arizona Extra
Julia Moburg Arizona Extra
Shannone L. Niedjadlo Arizona Extra
James S. Niedjadlo Arizona Extra
Rick Oberreuter Arizona Extra
Jerry Ott Arizona Extra
William C. Rosser Arizona Extra
Doug Rykerd Arizona Extra
Rebecca Schade Arizona Extra
Adrianus Schafgans Arizona Extra
Robert South Arizona Extra
R.A. St. Louis Arizona Extra
Theresa Storzieri Arizona Extra
Jerry L. Stovall Arizona Extra
Allie Storm Arizona Extra
Brooke A. Storm Arizona Extra
Miriam Storm Arizona Extra
Audra Straus Arizona Extra
Collin P. Straus Arizona Extra
Jordan Straus Arizona Extra
Lily Straus Arizona Extra
Julian Straus Arizona Extra
David H. Swanson Arizona Extra
Laurie Theodorou Arizona Extra
Tracy Trana Arizona Extra
Randy Vining Arizona Extra
Dan Weaver Arizona Extra
D. Roxane Whalley Arizona Extra
Laureen Wilde Arizona Extra
Aiden Wilde Arizona Extra
Robert P. Witham Arizona Extra
Kenneth Woods Arizona Extra
Bev Wooley Arizona Extra
Merrill Zachary Arizona Extra
Carl Zukas Arizona Extra
Margarita Ayala California Extra
Amy K. Barba California Extra
Michelle Chavez California Extra
Crystal Cornillez California Extra
Hector Delgado California Extra
Mimi Duvigneaud California Extra
Berenice Gutierrez California Extra
Ashley Henry California Extra
John Lemelin California Extra
Michelle Leonard California Extra
Daniel Mills California Extra
Jennifer Nagger California Extra
Lamthach Nguyen California Extra
Pamela R. Parran California Extra
James Penner California Extra
Candice Quintana California Extra
Arshad Rahaman California Extra
Shannon Rethaford California Extra
Lauren Rogers California Extra
Sergio Sanchez California Extra
Aaron Sawyer California Extra

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