UnMade (2019)

  • USA
  • 5
  • Short
  • 2019
6.1 out of 10


Everyone moves to Hollywood with a dream and a script. In this series, celebrities reveal the movies and TV episodes they wrote before they were famous, and - spoiler alert - they are not all winners. The stars explain the plots, their inspirations, and why their dream projects never got made - before scenes are brought to life for the first time ever.


Name Role
Catherine McCafferty Anchorman (VO)
Owen Robinson Martha
Tony Rodriguez Bartender
Paul Rust Self
Kale Hills Brother Paul
Josh Brekhus Patron
Aman Adumer
Andrew Ahlquist Theater Go-er
Charlotte Anderson Cult Member
Jace Armstrong NASA Commander
Samira Beija Military School Student
Julie Birke Tig
Zach Broussard Super Al
Nick Cannon Self
Joe Carter Military School Student
Jay Chandrasekhar Self
Raphael Chestang Steve
Nova Chez Jennifer
Claire Connors Military School Student
Thomas Copeland Military School Student
Garrett Dailey
Peter Demian
Jacob DeMonte-Finn Doctor Decibels
Scout Durwood NASA Scientist
Jhanelle Elissa Theater Go-er
Feraz Ozel Ellahie NASA Communicator
Patrick Finerty Stewart
Adam Franek NASA Employee
Ed Gage Cult Member
Michell Gallagher Tiki Bar Patron
Bunny Gibson Eleanor
Sarah Griffith Theater Go-er
Sarah Griffith Theater Go-er
Nathan Hegel Theater Go-er
Ellen Ho Military School Student
Scott Hoffman Theater Go-er
Alana Johnston Androgynous Figure
Cynthia Kao Critic 2
Michelle Lebo NASA Employee
Perry Lee Military School Student
David Light David
Michael Mackenzie Tiki Bar Patron
Dennis Maliu Tiki Bar Patron
Katie Marovitch New Cult Member
Christine Medrano Critic 1
Jon Millstein Eric
Avery Monsen Androgynous Figure
Bobby Moynihan Loafy
Rowan Nasser Theater Go-er
Tig Notaro Tig Notaro
Grant O'Brien Cop 2
Dink O'Neal Most Interesting Man
Dink O'Neil Cult Leader
Kurt Pena Theater Go-er
Erika Placer Theater Go-er
Taylor Premeinger Cult Member
Candace Rice Military School Student
Sarah Richards Cult Member
Janet Rizzo
Kristen Schaal Self
Kellen Schneider Craigslist Buyer
Emma Smith-Coppes Cult Member
Alex Stein Cult Member
Tre Stewart Young Nick Cannon
Steve Szlaga
Donathan Walters The General
Eddie Walton Military School Student
Evan Watkins Armed Guard
Reggie Watts Self
Casey Wilson Self
Rainn Wilson Self
Winter Mickleberry
'Weird Al' Yankovic Self

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