Hollywood Fringe (2020)

  • United States
  • 90
  • Comedy
  • 2020
7.5 out of 10


Two married, down-on-their-luck, actors decide to put on a site-specific play about their unsuccessful life in Hollywood.


Name Role
Karine Bagoumian Auditioning Actress
Shaughn Buchholz Writer Steven
Frank Cappello Chandler
Amit May Cohen Mickey the Melodica Player
Aaron Conte Doug
Pam Cook Auditioning Actress
Bryan Cruz Guy Filming
Miles Dausuel Joban
Lawrence Farry Fan With Questions
Mark Fite Dinner Partier Mike
Neel Ghosh Writer Stephen
Max Goudsmit Exec Matthew
Erica Hernandez Brandi
Calder Holbrook Auditioning Actor
Jim Holmes Corey
Paul Hungerford Puppet Master #2
Brian Michael Jones Puppet Master
Jolene Kay Dinner Partier Sara
Justin Kirk Travis Sunstrom
Charley Koontz Barista
Aimee McGuire Loyal Fan
Nishi Munshi Linda Fernandes
Michelle Nakamoto Auditioning Actress
David Pires Auditioning Actor #1.
Jennifer Prediger Samantha Sunstrom
Daniel F. Scherl Trevor
Anna Shields Auditioning Actress
Tory Devon Smith Antonio
Maya Stojan Alicia
Cyd Strittmatter Exec Lisa
Zach Tinker
Brian Tran Auditioning Actor
Rainbow Underhill Chakra
Terryn Westbrook Brenda McFadden
Dan Wicksman Auditioning Actor
Sarajane Williams Audition Actress #5

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