The Division 2 (2019)

  • Sweden, United States
  • Action
  • 2019
7.8 out of 10
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Set shortly after the first game's virus outbreak which wiped out large amounts of the population. This time however, the game is set in the somewhat sunnier Washington D.C and is focused on the rebuilding of society.


Name Role
Karim Theilgaard Vikram Malik / Hyena Leader / Additional Voices
James Alexander Jake the Hyena / Agent Donovan / Pete / Additional Voices
Sam Asante Riker Tank
Christopher Atallah Civilian warlock 4
Jennifer Baker Catcher / Thrower
Sonya Balmores Alani Kelso
Kayla Bechor Girl
Melanie Beckley Vendor
Díana Bermudez Smuggler
Mike Bodie True Sons Tank / True Sons Medic / Black Tusk Thrower / Smithsonian Narrator
Adam Bond Various Characters
Dwayne Boyd End Thrower 2 / Civilian Assault 3
Matthew Brenher Senator
Crystal Lee Brown Odessa Sawyer
Meya Brumell Carrie
Algernon Bulseco Victor Tranh / Hyena Member / True Sons Boss
Craig Burnatowski James Dragov
Harriss Callahan Additional Voices
Rayna Campbell Various characters
Greyson Chadwick End Rusher 2 / Gardener 1
May Charters Cindy McAllister Drone Operator / End Game Sniper
David Chen End Medic / Various
Florian Clare Narrator - Agent
Nicholas Cordts Cultist Assault
Nesba Crenshaw Grace Larsen / Alice / Police Captain / Additional Voices
Mimi Côté Hyenas
Marta Da Silva Cassie Mendoza / Division Agent Jessie Ortiz (Echo) / Rogue Division Agent Cassie Castillo (Echo) / Hyena Thrower / Additional Voices
James Day True Sons Engineer / Black Tusk / Additional Voices
Jennifer De Lucia Vivian Conley
Brittany Drisdelle Emeline Shaw
Kate Drummond Amanda Weekes and Various Characters
Lukas Engel Boy
Tod Fennell Additional Voices
Chad William Fischer Black Tusk
Anthony Grant Riker
Dale Grant Additional Voices
Derek Hagen Bardon Schaeffer
Shea Hall Emma Richards / Hyena / Additional Voices
Walles Hamonde Rusher3 / Inhabitant6
Timothy Hampton Controller / Sniper
Josh Han Additional Voices
Jennifer Harding Milla 'Wyvern' Radek
Sasha Hatfield Controller / Rusher / Various Characters
Miranda Heath Senait Ezera
John Hopkins Aaron Keener
Jane Jackson Female Soldiers
Kyle James Hyenas / Outcasts
Dev Joshi Eva Garcia
Brandon Keener Isac
James Sobol Kelly Dr. Gordon Amherst
Robert B. Kennedy Henry Hayes
Nancy Kenny Erica Gonzalez / Agent Lee / Additional Voices
Brittany Krall Civilian Assault 10 / Various characters
Eva La Dare Additional Voices
Joel Labelle Various characters
Max Laferriere Player, motion capture performer
Scott Lawrence General Antwon Ridgeway
Aleks Le Black Tusk Thrower / Outcast Thrower / Additional Voices
Jake Lewis Sumner
Rae Lim Colonel's Daughter
Kat Lozano Trailer Narrator
Jennifer McKinnon Magee Hyena / Various Voices
Joseph May Manny Ortega
David McKahan Additional Voices
William Meredith Quartermaster Coop Dennison / Outcast Strategist Harlan Lloyd / True Sons Soldier / Additional Voices
Rosalyn Mitchell Sniper / Additional Voices
Tony Nappo Colonel Benitez
Sara Novak Soldier
Anna Nugent Multiple Characters
Adesuwa Oni Shay Montgomery
Audra Pagano Outcast / Civilian
Brina Palencia Captain Briggs
Jose Palma Agent Espinoza
R.J. Parrish Various Characters
Tavia Pereira Riker / Sarah / Ana Martinez / War Recruiter
Guy Potter Tank
Nicole Pringle Black Sniper 2
Jordan Reynolds Loot Goblin
Ash Rizi Vice-President Mendez / Various
Chris Rogers Hunter / Hyiena Boss / Various
Mark Rolston President Andrew Ellis
Dana Rosario Rusher / Civilian Assault 1&2 / SAR Guard
Jose Rosete Additional Voices
Rxchie Black Tusk / Various characters
Eric Saleh Various Characters
Chris Sandiford Theo Parnell
Ana Sani Riker
Gary Scales Additional Voices
Ivan Sherry Additional voices
Keith Silverstein Additional Voices
Clayton T. Smith Commander
Cyril Smith Shield
Jaa Smith-Johnson Additional Voices
Nicole Stamp Colonel Morozova
Mary Stewart Gun Vendor
Kaiji Tang Additional Voices
Tom Taplin Andre (Circle Radio)
Jesse Vilinsky Civilian Assault / Settlement Worker / Additional Voices
Akira Lee Watanabe Harper & Teagen Price / Mayhem
George Weightman Additional Voices
Genelle Williams Gabrielle Sanders
Akil Wingate Berzerker
Kelvin Witherspoon The Immobilizer
Christopher Zash Additional Voices

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