Hold Your Breath (2018)

  • United Kingdom
  • 9
  • Short
  • 2018
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The wealthy Mr Black is thwarted by a pair of renegades who attempt to outsmart him in an audacious and elegantly planned heist.


Name Role
James Purefoy Mr. Black
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo Bodyguard 2
Richard Oxley Nikolai
Simon Hanson Staggering Man
Charlotte Truman The Blonde
Ben Hall Jr. Bodyguard 1
Roseanna Velin Chatting Girl 2
Ronke Olagunju Chatting Girl
Stuart Morgan Chauffeur
Michael Truman Photographer
Camille Nava Sleeping Girl
Myles Stewart Chatting Man
Afize Stylish Sleeping Man 2
Stephen Jones Sleeping Man 1

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