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The Time Traveler's Wife (0)

  • United States, United Kingdom
  • Animation
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A couple's relationship is put to the test when time travel is involved. A TV adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger's novel 'The Time Traveler's Wife.'


Name Role
Jason David Young Henry DeTamble
Kate Siegel Annette DeTamble
Rose Leslie Clare
Jaime Ray Newman Lucille Abshire
Theo James Henry
Josh Stamberg Richard DeTamble
Michael Park Philip Abshire
Spencer House Jason
Taylor Richardson Alicia Abshire
Desmin Borges Gomez
Will Brill Ben
Marcia DeBonis Nell
Chelsea Frei Ingrid
Finnerty Steeves Realtor
Mark Rome Party goer
Brian Altemus Young Henry DeTamble
Everleigh McDonell Young Clare Abshire
Sara Frankino Background
Peter Graham Mark Abshire
Tim Lajcik Biker
Caitlin Shorey Young Clare Abshire
Natasha Lopez Charisse
Robert Loftus Library Patron
Brad Neilley Churchgoer
Walter Wiz Nichols Nosey Neighbor

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