London Kills (2019)

  • United Kingdom
  • 60
  • Crime
  • 2019
6.7 out of 10
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Drama series following the detectives of an elite murder investigation squad in London.


Name Role
Hugo Speer DI David Bradford
Sharon Small DS Vivienne Cole
Bailey Patrick DC Rob Brady
Tori Allen-Martin TDC Billie Fitzgerald
Jennie Jacques Amber Saunders
Maimie McCoy Grace Harper
Steve John Shepherd Adrian Cook
Jack Shalloo Perry Evans
Adrianna Bertola Carly Bradford
Saffron Hocking Eleanor Kemp
Laura Aikman Leanne Ponting
Jack Greenlees Xavier Kemp
Stuart Campbell Craig Fleetwood
Tommy Finnegan Troy Fisher
Klariza Clayton Alice Maguire
Shane Zaza Nazeeb Khabi
Manuel Pacific Gabrielo Bestos
Sophie McShera Karen Harrison
Esther Hall Tara Watson
Kelly Adams Michelle Charr
Dean Andrews Jacob Holt
Nicola Stapleton Amy Fisher
Jon Pointing Jamie Bentham
Lorna Fitzgerald Petra Roscoe
Toheeb Jimoh Leshae Hobbs
Lucy Robinson Superintendent Gina Vincent
Melanie Gutteridge Helen Holt
Owain Arthur Philip Ingram
Alex Bhat Harry Shelston
Neal Barry Dean Casey
Marc Baylis Andrew Charr
Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove Olivia Jarvis
Zoe Telford Sarah Bradford
Glynis Barber Kirsten Pryce
Leo Gregory Damon Potter
Ethan Kai Deniz Kurtar
Claire Cooper Gloria Tanner
Alaïs Lawson Justine Miller
Marcello Cruz Asif Bapary
Charlie Anson Sean Montgomery
Lauren O'Neil Sasha Garrick
Luke Fewell Will Holt
Ross Boatman Graham Evans
Frances Tomelty Anne Garrick
Jojo Macari Alfie Dubbs
David Avery Alex Barker
Eilidh Loan Tamsin MacDonald
Nicholas Nunn Mark Miller
Samuel Gomes Da Silva Afrim Tanner
Thomas Coombes Sammy Garrick
Laurie Brett Corinna Richardson
Jack Doolan Lee Matthews
Alfredo Tavares Forensic Officer
Lee Byford Police Officer
Ruth Horrocks Detective
Paul Blackwell Police Officer
Glenn Webster Police Officer
Chris Wilson Superintendent
Stephen Hawke Police Officer
Stephen McDade Marcus McQuire
Steve Broad Medical Examiner
Jeanette Maskell Hospital Visitor
Atul Sharma Elderly Asian Man
Luke White Calum
Stuart Whelan Police Officer
Ty Hurley Dr Jones
Metin Hassan Detective
Kas Meghani Dr Patel Doctor
Karol Steele Rubbernecker
Adam Lazarus Forensics
Faith Tarby Elderly Lady
Claire Greasley Squatter
John McHale Elderly Man in Wheel chair
Mark Gooden Reporter
Michael Haydon Coach Driver
Louisa Corr Kirsty
Fiona Thompson Scene of Crime Officer
Matt Townsend Journalist Cameraman
Jason Shillingford Detective
Richard Peter O'Sullivan Terry Fisher
Fred King Onlooker
Daniel Osgood Guard
Dang Vu Hai Doctor
Jesmond Murray Tourist

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