Last Taxi Dance (2018)

  • United States
  • Short
  • 2018


Honolulu, 1945: A proud Hawaiian singer dances with a returned US Soldier and debates the dignity of the American dream. But when his dance tickets run out, she is left with a harsh choice - for when the dancing stops, this man will


Name Role
Danielle Zalopany Mahea
Max Holtz The Soldier
Cyndi Mayo Helen
Steff Kawasaki Boss Lady
Scott Francis Russell Sailor #1
John Huser Sailor #2
Joan Powers Dancer #3
Tira Akina Featured Dancer #1
Kayla Kawai Dancer #2
Darcie Mayo Dancer #4
Conlan Casal Sailor
Crystal Kwok Dancer
Adam Rogers Sailor
Berkley Spivey Army Soldier

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