Reborn (2018)

  • United States
  • Comedy
  • 2018


When a young woman turning 30 adopts a "reborn" baby doll to cope with the pressure to have kids, the need to pay off $80,000 of student loan debt, and deal with a cheating boyfriend.


Name Role
Whitney Moorman Lydia
Cherie Johnson Audry Jr. (2018)
Brandon Quintin Adams Wales (2018)
Mike Agabra Office Worker
Amy Chamberlin Office Worker
Lavette Cherie Office Manager
Josiah Harris-Bey Park Kid
Kailyn Harris-Bey Park Kid
Aaron J Lucas Office Worker
Mony Pal Zach
Emanda Pimentel Cassandra
Pearl Rios Office Worker
Teagen Rose Mike
Bryan Ross Office Worker
Maurita Salkey Sara
Vilia Steele Side Chick
Monti Washington Asshole Mike
Mary Watkins Audry Sr.
Jordan Wells Lady at Party (2018)
Ebony Williams Park Mom

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