Being Grace (2021)

  • United Kingdom
  • Drama
  • 2021
4.3 out of 10
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A young girl, frustrated in her attempts to follow her dream, realises her true passion lies down an unexpected path.


Name Role
Juliette Boor Grace Wilson
David Isiguzo Flava
Stephanie Osztreicher Annabelle Wilson
Katrina Anne Ward JoJo
James Thomson Andrew Wilson
Henry Jay-Farmer Michael
Romney Briddick Jenny
Annarie Boor Ms Maureen
Lia Lusted Nina
Danielle Boor Young Dancer
Rebecca Cogodi Nicole
Ruby Donovan Cici
Pacha Green Anna
Georgie Halford Abby the Receptionist
Kara Henderson Young Dancer
Willow McLellan Young Dancer
El-Nur Pharaon Jordan the Pedestrian

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