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Willing: 'Angel Wars' (2018)

  • United States
  • Adventure
  • 2018


A war among the Heavens has broken out. A young will gets caught on both sides and must face himself and decide if he shall stand for angels or kill for Lucifer himself.


Name Role
Chris Alvis Arch Angel David
Sue Li Vipin Wolff
Alex Mesons Wills Friend - Ricky Mendez
Tom Mann Angel William
Palo Altso Head Angel Master St. Sebaston
Elvis Parker-Jones Young Will
Helon Tres Head Valkyire Bloom
Elrin Sullin Padawan Angel Zion Hiloius
Jim Lenix Master Angel Helio
Tom Bassinges Evil Gaurd
Remis Amin Knight Angel Aru Shen
Newt Hampton Knight Angel Peter
Charles Sans Lucifer
Daisy Ackiens Sarah Valkyire Rose.
Zion Musker Young Will's Lost Older Brother Able
Chilson Bino Will's Friend - Walso Lo
Dorris Helmond Grand Angel Master Marry
Piper Keys Padawon Angel Hella Gelden
Rami Sekku Master Angel Philip
Ion Anthony Arch Head Master Angel Clovis
Sam Hamish Johnney Boy Ace Piliot
Jim Hininberg God
Tim Robins Master Angel Matthias
Drew Nach Decon of North Heaven Anthony
Eron Tanks Armed Troopers
Andre Park Decon of West Heaven Demacus
Millton Forrester Decon of South Heaven Killian
Hon Milkis Evil Gaurds
Sean Bansons Arch Grand Master Angel Maximus II
Jane Fomin Valkyire Gen. Marthina
Jim Burks Admiral Valkin Vots
Albert Karson Arch Grand Master Angel Maximus I - Dead
Sammantha Bulan Frozen Angel Arisis Sol Un IVth
Hon Malikis Pesent Oni

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