Lying and Stealing (2019)

  • United States
  • 100
  • Crime
  • 2019
5.4 out of 10


Ivan steals art for the Greek. He wants out but can he? He meets an actress at 2 of his "jobs". She has her own problems but helps him.


Name Role
Theo James Ivan Warding
Emily Ratajkowski Elyse Tibaldi
Fred Melamed Dimitri Maropakis
Ebon Moss-Bachrach Ray Warding
Isiah Whitlock Jr. Lyman Wilkers
Evan Handler Eric Maropakis
Paul Jurewicz Ian Brooks
Keith Powell Mike Williams
John Gatins Aton Eisenstadt
Joe Bucaro III Anatoli and Aristotle Papadais
Julia Haart Foxy
Phil Van Tee Magician
Fernanda Andrade Mary Bertring
Orion McCabe Mick
Mia Cheung Cindy
Eileen O'Connell Zoe the Hostess
Eddie Martinez Dave the Bartender
Sean Patrick Thomas Trey Walker
Robert Peters Beverly Hills Guard
Ivo Nandi Giovanni
Tim Bader Poker Dealer
Adam Nagata Howard Khan
Taji Coleman Janice the Cashier
Bob Stephenson Mr. Oklahoma
Frank Gallegos FBI Agent
Aris Alvarado Pool Man
Beka Sikharulidze Petrov
Davie-Blue Melanie Sommerset
Frank Clem John Wolfe
Ray Stoney Bard Avon
Lex Medlin Agent Stanhope
Sam Kazanski Young John Wolfe
Martin J. Riddell Coffee Shop Manager
Rod Chaouqi Soroush
Ray Ray Chase Art Party House Guest
Tomer David Bartender
Ky Mahone Julia's Handsome Date

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