Coven (2020)

  • United States
  • 80
  • Horror
  • 2020
2.7 out of 10


A group of witches helps one of its own invoke the powers of the ancient demon Ashura. But when the evil spirit possesses the body of one of the girls and her power is released, it's up to her former coven to stop her before it's too


Name Role
Lizze Gordon Sophie
Jennifer Cipolla Ronnie
Margot Major Beth
Adam Horner James
Terri Ivens Dr. Lynn
Sofya Skya Emily
Miranda O'Hare Jax
Jessica Louise Long Taylor
Sara Stretton Christy
Jocelyn Saenz Robin
Aaron James Zak
Tessa Espinola Helen
Jill Deluca Sophie's Mother
Matthew Hixenbaugh Panicked Driver
Geren Davis Pedestrian
Russell Herrera Jr. Pedestrian
Jarod Martin Street Extra

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