Pillow Talk (2017)

  • USA
  • Comedy
  • 2017
2.7 out of 10


Pillowtalk, created by Mike Miscitelli and Rachael Taylor (Jessica Jones), stars Adams as a tortured bachelor who is trying to stay in "the light" in a world where casual sex is plentiful.


Name Role
Patrick J. Adams Ryan
Luka Jones Max
Britt Lower Emma
Joseph Lee Anderson Monroe
Brenda Strong Barbara
Jessica Makinson Holly Moneymaker
Emily Arlook Lucy
Sita Young Olivia
Dan Ahdoot Jordan
Alisa Ayvery Emo Girl
Risa Dorken Tanya
Ryan Hansen Nicky
Olivia Liang Jenna
George Todd McLachlan
Erin Moriarty Autumn
Lauren L. Murray Lisa
Michelle Serje Waitress
Chelsea Taylor College Girl
Phoebe Tonkin Sonja
Ryan Vincent Josh the Bartender
Amy York Rubin Kathleen
Brian Huskey Darryl
Izzie Steele Zoe
Nora Zehetner Sharon
Seth Morris Dad unknown episodes

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