Candy Jar (2018)

  • United States
  • 92
  • Comedy
  • 2018
5.8 out of 10


Dueling high school debate champs who are at odds on just about everything forge ahead with ambitious plans to get into the colleges of their dreams.


Name Role
Jacob Latimore Bennett
Sami Gayle Lona
Tom Bergeron Principal Nelson
Helen Hunt Kathy
Paul Tigue Mr. Johnson
Austin Flynn Twin Taylor
Blake Flynn Twin Tanner
Christina Hendricks Amy
Uzo Aduba Julia
Zack Shires Davidson Debater #1
Danny Kang Davidson Debater #2
Evan Castelloe Zack
Ryan Walden Davidson Debater #3
Wilbur Fitzgerald Davidson Principal
Charles Black Mail Staffer
Alexandra Ficken Newnan Debater
Zachary Seabaugh Nick
Antonia Gentry Jasmine
Tracey Bonner Newnan Principal
Ted Maritz Edison Debater #1
Danielle Lyn Edison Debater #2
Ariana Guerra Dana
Blake Jones Cafe Manager
Kathleen Hogan Valencia
Daniel Salyers State Tournament Debater #1
Anna Rappaport State Tournament Debater #2
Judy Clement Semi Champion Judge
Kelly O'Neal Debate Chairman
L. Warren Young Concession Worker
Bobby Akers High School Student
Sherry Berg Aerobics Instructor
Corey Creque Debater
Chris Davidovicz Debate Judge
Donovan Elmore Little Bennett Russell
Christopher Ensley Audience Member
April Etchart Coffee Shop Patron
Logan Timothy Howard High School Student
Joel Laird Debate Judge
Alyssa AnnMarie Marquez Young Lona
Taylin Destiny Morris Intern
Cory Michael Peeler High School Student
Patti Schellhaas Movie Theater Patron
Wayne Smith Jr. High School Debate Student
Michael Steedley Edison Debater
Kelsey Walsh Debate Student
Dylan Webb Debater
Miles Webb High School Student
Lina Zalewski Movie Patron

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