Endicott Falls (0)

  • United States
  • Adventure
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Seven kids meet a stranger traveling through time. He professes to be a 'Good Samaritan' who's mission is to set right events culminating in a better future for the world. When the stranger, Milo Endicott, is injured and unable to co


Name Role
Zeph Jewell Milo Endicott
Cody Reed Gabe Squires (young)
Cobin Bugni Gabe Squires (Teen)
Tyler Morris Tolly Tollason (teen)
Lukas Colagross Carson Bell (young)
Phoenix Bugni Carson Bell (teen)
Zachary Crooker Garrett Strickland (young)
Tyler Crooker Garrett Strickland (teen)
Kalynn Kessell Jules Riley (young)
Braelyn Rankins Lamar
Brielle Rankins Steph
Hunter Flanagan Jango
Jah'Mir Poteat Frodo
Kylissa Katalinich Harper
Jordan Price Flower Kid
Eric James Morris Crabtree
Mackenzie Shaye Murray Mackenzie
Kendall Hanzlik Lindsay
Richard Lanford Bosco
Earl David Jones Deputy Chapman
Kathryn Davidson Endicott Falls Band
Barrington Marson Billy
Skylar Brooks Rayne
Brent Brooks Malone
Tawania Grangent Marie Loomis
Tegan Jones Marguerite
Julia Milton Brooke McCoy (Teen)
Mikayla Fields Brooke McCoy (young)
Victoria Lynn White Teacher
Payne Thompson Ray Losey
Madilyn Christmas Amie
J.D. Nebling Fancher
Cael Hand Wells
Jeff Rose Gordon Squires
Kelly Young Silva Melody Squires
Christopher Payne Thompson Ray
Cindy Ralston Nana Squires
Darby Lively Jules Riley (teen)
Vivica Little Amanda Fredricks
Savannah Nebling Elliott Barnes (young)
Diamond Alessandra Donna McCloud
Sarah Flippin Elizabeth McCloud
Talia Bugni Elliott Barnes (teen)

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