Open Wounds (2021)

  • United States
  • Drama
  • 2021


Erica (Emily Conley) is saddened by the lack of faith she finds in the world. Determined to make a change, she tries to convince her school principal, Principal Marks (Karla Dansereau) that prayer and bible study should be allowed ba


Name Role
Emily Conley Erica
Jordan Price Tara
Kara Mullins Janet
Graham Stewart Colin
Avalon Gomez Marge
Alysa Jones Grace
Maddie Kimrey Teri
Tyler Evans Taylor
Ty Redner Blade
Brian Abston Mr. Cooley
Marc Allen Janitor / Crazy DJ
Rachel-Marie Cartwright Student
Karla Dansereau Principal Marks
Trinity Dobbs Miss Rainey
Ava Jolley Student
Shara Minor Kim
Kevin Mullins Newscaster
Jet Thurmond Student
Samuel Wilson Student

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