Unskin (2020)

  • United Kingdom
  • 15
  • Short
  • 2020
9 out of 10
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In a materialistic world of artificial identities, a storyteller unleashes a mysterious godlike being who abducts alienated mortals and leads them through dance to shed their artificial masks and embrace each other's common humanity.


Name Role
Roger Carvalho Roger Piper / the Hooded Figure
Stephen T Box Jack / the Interviewer
Jácint Dávid Corporate Man / Dancer
Bisola Bello Corporate Woman / Dancer
Sydney Robertson Hipster Man / Dancer
Severine Simone Hipster Woman / Dancer
Tom Wohlfahrt Homeless Man / Dancer
Caterina Grosoli Homeless Woman / Dancer
Evridiki-Nana Yakubu Hoodlum / Dancer
Ivana Radjenovic Construction Worker / Ballet Mime Dancer
Anvi Prabhu Bharatanatyam Mime Dancer
Jonathan Haart Harry Houdini / the Mad Magician
Lamin Tamba Corporate Interviewee 1
Arevika Stepanian Corporate Interviewee 2
Isabella Monroe Corporate Interviewee 3
Juliana Barros Samira the Celebrity Obsessive
Simon Willshire Simon the Overworked Doctor
Davina Sitaram Angela the Graduate
AJ Blackwell Darius the Banker
Anna Voynova Julie the Jogger
Keshav Kapoor Sandeep the IT Wizard
Liya Sinichkina Nikita the Narcissist
Arthur Toupet Jerome the Student
Karina Salieva Felicity the Business Woman
Francesko Halili Billy the Confused Kid
Olga Savic Marta the Musician
Micky Sutton Peter the Plumber
Ruhan Ahmed Ruhan the Broker
Wendy-Anne Daloz Homeless Woman

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