This Is My Year (2018)

  • United States
  • 97
  • Drama
  • 2018
5.7 out of 10


A young woman wrestles with the costs of chasing a dream, and struggles to keep her eye on the prize during her "make it or break it" year in Los Angeles.


Name Role
Kanani Rose Connor
Ella Cannon Sofia
R.J. Haynes Milo
Luke Stratte-McClure Orson
Ian Seip Mark
John Lyke Dave
Lana McKissack Ashley North
Mychal Sorensen A.J.
Kat Q Taylor
Damian Washington Oscar, The Pizza Guy
Eric Schwartz Reporter 1
Brad Gage Reporter 2
David Carey Foster Arthur
Amy DeBourget Judy
Sammi LeVine Rebecca
Nicholas Cutro Thief

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