Zoe (2018)

  • United States
  • 104
  • Romance
  • 2018
6.1 out of 10


A story about how synthetic humans can feel and even love and how the people they are involved with react to this concept.


Name Role
Ewan McGregor Cole
Léa Seydoux Zoe
Theo James Ash
Rashida Jones Emma
Christina Aguilera Jewels
Miranda Otto The Designer
Anthony Shim Hideo
Donovan Colan Caleb
Matthew Gray Gubler Skinny Guy
Richard Brimblecombe Interviewer
Arlen Aguayo-Stewart Woman on Lab Tour
Janine Theriault Isla
Kai Lennox Nick
Helen Johns Muriel Théroux
Vincent D'Arbouze Middle Aged Guy
Kyle Gatehouse Average Guy
Walter Lyng Quiz Master
Jordana Lajoie Other Robot
Patrick Abellard Synthetic Man
Stephen Spreekmeester Driver
Daniel Chichagov Lab Tech #1
Chris Sandiford Lab Tech #2
David Noël Lab Tech #3
Francesca Barcenas Receptionist
Nora Guerch Host
Alexandre Daigle Man #1
Patrick Baby Man #2
Eddy Philantrope Man #3
Eloi Archambaudoin Rep
Frank Marrs Robot
Al Connors Handsome Dweeb
Stephanie Ng Wan Woman in Promotional Video
Adam Bernett Man In Promotional Video
Letitia Brookes Woman in Promotional Video #2
Tristan D. Lalla Man in Promotional Video #2
Sarah Levesque Uncomfortable Woman
Alex Kaluza Man on Lab Tour
Guang Xu Jason Xiang Dancing Man
Xiaoli Ruan Dancing Woman
Béatrice Aubry Pianist Bot
Ava Brackers Edgy Woman
Franco Decrescentis Twitchy Guy
Jimmy Chantal Security Guy
Sophie Emma Rose Synthetic #1
Nichole Bird Synthetic #2
Jack Thorpe Synthetic #3
Ediz Ibrahim Synthetic #4
Noémie Leduc-Vaudry Woman #3
Holden Wong First Gen Robot
Andrea Susan Bush Robot
Jennifer-Lynn Christie Lab Customer
Christophe Ducassy Pretender

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