Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

  • Sweden, United States
  • Action
  • 2017
7.1 out of 10
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A game based on the Star Wars Universe, taking place across multiple eras of the franchise.


Name Role
Adam Howden Voice Talent
Adam James Voice Talent
Al Doyle Voice Talent
Alana Maria Voice Talent
Alec Newman Kram Namwen
Alex Avery Voice Talent
Alex Wyndham Voice Talent
Alexandra Brynn Voice Talent
Alexis Rodney Voice Talent
Alexis Zegerman Voice Talent
Amelia Tyler Voice Talent
Andrew Gruen Voice Talent
Anna Acton Voice Talent
Anna Koval Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Anna Rust Voice Talent
Anthony Howell Voice Talent
Antonia Bernath Voice Talent
Ben Peel Voice Talent
Benjamin Wainwright Voice Talent
Bentley Kalu Voice Talent
Blake Kubena Voice Talent
Caitlin Thorburn Voice Talent
Joplin Sibtain Voice Talent
Chris Rogers Voice Talent
Christopher Ragland Voice Talent
Danny Mahoney Voice Talent
Davis Brooks Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Derek Hagan Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Derek Siow Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Dylan Smith Voice Talent
Eleanor Matsuura Voice Talent
Emma Gregory Voice Talent
Eric Sigmundsson Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Erick Hayden Voice Talent
Gianpiero Cognoli Rebel
Graham Vick Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Gwynfor Jones Voice Talent
Indy Neidell Voice Talent
James McNeill Voice Talent
James Sobol Kelly Voice Talent
Janine Harouni Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Jennifer Armour Voice Talent
Jo Woodcock Voice Talent
John Schwab Voice Talent
Jules de Jongh Voice Talent
Kevin Millington Voice Talent
Kosha Engler Voice Talent
Kristen Alminta Voice Talent
Ladi Emeruwa Voice Talent
Louis Tamone Imperial Officer Sul
Marcus Fraser Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Maria Teresa Creasey Voice Talent
Mark Heenehan Voice Talent
Mark Rowley Voice Talent
Mathew Foster Voice Talent
Matt Whitchurch Voice Talent
Max Wrottesley Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Mike Bodie Voice Talent
Michael Brandon Voice Talent
Nathan Nolan Voice Talent
Nathan Wiley Voice Talent
Nicholas Bishop Voice Talent
Nina Toussaint-White Voice Talent
Omri Rose Imperial Trooper / Assault / Rifleman
Parker Sawyers Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Pippa Nixon Voice Talent
Richard Lynson Voice Talent
Ronan Summers Voice Talent
Samantha Dakin Voice Talent
Sean Power Voice Talent
Simon Chadwick Voice Talent
Stacy Sobieski First Order Commander
Zoe Grisedale-Sherry Voice Talent
Helen Sadler Voice Talent
Anne Zander Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Jade Anouka Voice Talent
Jalaal Hartley Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Joe Reisig Voice Talent
Kasper Michaels Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Kevin Shen Voice Talent
Lex Lang Poe Dameron / Imperial Guards / Stormtroopers / Rebels
Lisa Caruccio Came Voice Talent
Mark Frost Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Martin Sherman Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Nicholas Boulton Voice Talent
Rufus Wright Voice Talent
Stephen Beckett Voice Talent / Acting Talent
Wade McElwain Voice Talent
Tom Kane Yoda / Admiral Ackbar
Anthony Skordi Admiral Garrick Versio
Billy Dee Williams Lando Calrissian
Brittany Volcy Zay Versio
Daisy Ridley Rey
Dan Donohue Shriv
Darin De Paul Acting Talent
David Boat Acting Talent
David W. Collins Acting Talent
David Sobolov Duros
Dee Bradley Baker Clone Troopers / Bossk / Ugnaught Shopkeeper
Fred Tatasciore Acting Talent
Gideon Emery Acting Talent
Grey Griffin Maz Kanata
Janina Gavankar Iden Versio
Jocelyn Blue Acting Talent
John Armstrong Han Solo
Julian Stone Acting Talent
Kat Sheridan Acting Talent
Laura Bailey Acting Talent
Lynwood Robinson Acting Talent
Martha Marion Acting Talent
Matt Sloan Darth Vader
Matthew Wood Battle Droids / Kylo Ren (Masked) / General Grievous
Matthew Mercer Luke Skywalker
John Boyega Finn
Misty Lee Princess Leia Organa
Oliver Vaquer Acting Talent
Paul Blackthorne Gideon Hask
Robin Atkin Downes Acting Talent
Roger Craig Smith Kylo Ren (Unmasked)
Sam Witwer Emperor Palpatine / Darth Maul
Shai Matheson Acting Talent
Temuera Morrison Boba Fett
Terri Douglas Acting Talent
T.J. Ramini Del Meeko
Verona Blue Acting Talent
Will Beckman Acting Talent
Sylvain Agaësse Kylo Ren
Arnaud Arbessier Soldat Rebelle / Un Athullan
Cyrille Artaux Ralsius Paldora
Eric Aubrahn Gideon Hask
Patrice Baudrier Lando Calrissian
Jeff Berg Imperial Soldier Davidson
Corey Burton Count Dooku
Rachel Butera General Leia Organa
Patrick Béthune Amiral Garrick Versio
Philippe Catoire Dark Vador
Gwendoline Christie Captain Phasma
Georges Claisse Empereur Palpatine
Laurence Crouzet Iden Versio
Gérard Darier Général Grievous
Véronique Desmadryl Soldat Rebelle
Julie Dumas Capitaine Phasma
Mike Edmonds Jabba the Hutt
Hervé Grull Anakin Skywalker
Derek Hagen Heavy Assault Stormtrooper
Joe Hernandez-Kolski Athullan / Overseer
Loïc Houdré Han Solo
Dylan Kenin Emperor's Drone
Daniel Koenigsberg Yoda
Diouc Koma Finn
David Kruger Les clones de la République
Eva La Dare Imperial Soldier
Matt Lanter Anakin Skywalker
Daniel Njo Lobé Capitaine Lindsey
Abigail Marlowe L3
Céline Melloul Zay Meeko
Atticus Minto R2 Droid
Ben Minto Boushh
Vidar Minto R5 Droid
Max Mittelman Quarren
Jessica Monceau Rey
Cyrille Monge Shriv Suurgav
Christian Pelissier Bossk
Pierre-François Pistorio Comte Dooku
Jean-Paul Pitolin Soldat Rebelle
Patrick Raynal Amiral Ackbar
Benjie Ross Additional Voices
Julien Sibre Del Meeko
Suzie Steen Additional Voices
Mehani Taric Luke Skywalker
James Arnold Taylor Obi-Wan Kenobi
Marie Tirmont Maz Kanata
Barbara Tissier Princesse Leia
Gunner Wright Imperial Officer Matthis

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