The Midnight Man (2016)

  • United States, Canada
  • 95
  • Horror
  • 2016
4.8 out of 10


A girl and her friends find a game in the attic that summons a creature known as The Midnight Man, who uses their worst fears against them.


Name Role
Summer H. Howell Young Anna
Keenan Lehmann Max
Meredith Rose Mary
Kyle Strauts The Midnight Man
Gabrielle Haugh Alex Luster
Lin Shaye Anna Luster
Grayson Gabriel Miles
Robert Englund Dr. Harding
Michael Sirow Allen
Em Haine Kelly
Louise Linton Annie Luster
Callie Lane Young Alex
William Jordan Bunny Man
Abigail Pniowsky Young Kelly
Logan Creran Young Dr. Harding
Luca Villacis Jaden

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