The Evening Hour (2020)

  • United States
  • 114
  • Drama
  • 2020
5.5 out of 10


Adaptation of Carter Sickels' 2012 novel.


Name Role
Marc Menchaca Everett
Kerry Bishé Lacy Cooper
Lili Taylor Ruby Freeman
Stacy Martin Charlotte Carson
Cosmo Jarvis Terry Rose
Tess Harper Dorothy Freeman
Hannah Barefoot Kathy Rose
Ross Partridge Randy
Philip Ettinger Cole Freeman
Michael Trotter Reese Campbell
Jayson Warner Smith Joe Tullers
Allison Gabriel Naomi Freeman
Tony Demil Roughneck 1
Hale Lytle Reggie
Susan McPhail Linda
Vergena Fields Employee
Frank Hoyt Taylor Clyde Freeman
Ashley Shelton Ellen
Sean Ramey State Trooper Smith
Martha B. Knighton Lottie
Leon Lamar Tiny
Desmond Phillips Trooper Sachse
Rich Williams Davis
Dusty Mitchell Trooper 1
Jennifer Leigh Mann Rebecca Freeman
Cathrine Lellie Jody Hampton
Robert Elswick Trooper Denney
Jaclyn Wiederman Nikki Hastings
Everett Bowlin Young Cole
William S. Tribell Diner Patron
Melanie Lynn Diner Patron
Misty O'Bradovich VFW Patron
Danny Branham Cook
Beverly Copas Joyner Bar Patron

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