Great Minds with Dan Harmon (2016)

  • USA
  • Comedy
  • 2016
8.0 out of 10


Dan Harmon and his assistant Spencer Crittenden create clones of famous people in history and introduce them to the modern world for 6 hours while asking questions.


Name Role
Dan Harmon Dan Harmon
Spencer Crittenden Spencer Crittenden
Steven Levy Steve Levy
Jack Black Ludwig van Beethoven
Andy Dick John Wilkes Booth
Ron Funches Idi Amin
Gillian Jacobs Ada Lovelace
Thomas Middleditch William Shakespeare
Aubrey Plaza Mary Wollstonecraft
Danny Pudi Buddha
Paul F. Tompkins Edgar Allan Poe
Matt Walsh Harry S. Truman
Mary Lynn Rajskub Charlotte Gray
Maria Thayer Courtney the Balloon-gram Girl
Scott Adsit Ernest Hemingway
Nick Kroll Sigmund Freud
Dennis Nicomede Restaurant Diner
Kristen Schaal Amelia Earhart
Sarah Silverman Betsy Ross
Jason Sudeikis Thomas Edison

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