Dream Corp LLC (2016)

  • USA
  • 11
  • Comedy
  • 2016
7.2 out of 10


An absurd workplace comedy set in a neglected dream therapy facility where a rotating cast of desperate patients have their dreams recorded and analyzed by Dream Corp's absent-minded professor.


Name Role
Jon Gries Dr Roberts
Nicholas Rutherford 88
Ahmed Bharoocha Ahmed
Mark Proksch Randy Blink
Stephen Merchant T.E.R.R.Y.
Megan Ferguson Bea
Sunita Mani Margot Daly
Stephanie Allynne Joey
Kahlea Baldwin Helen Balbis
Jonathan D. Black Sign Spinner
Maria Bamford Norf Norf
Jo Farkas Louise
Breeda Wool Mom
Cleo King General Jim
Jesse Merlin Barreleye Fish
Mo Collins Patient 30
Rupert Friend Patient 62
Jimmi Simpson Patient 21
Takaaki Hirakawa Greaser
Chihiro Kawamura Greaser
Minchi Murakami Greaser
Leila Spilman Ex Girlfriend
Takato Yonemoto Greaser
Bobby Lee Tricky Ricky
Geoffrey Arend Patient 86
Dave Coulier Dave Coulier
Liam Neeson Joey in the Center of Her Mind
Mary Lynn Rajskub Patient 46
June Squibb Patient 54
Stephnie Weir Diane
Karen Brundage Lunch Lady
Dan Gill Patient 103
Vanessa Celso Denise
Carol Herman Nana
William Baldwin Dad
Jonathan Bray U.S. Marshal
Eugene Cordero Patient 37
Ivy George Missing Child
Erica Jade Goldsmith 101 Mom
Tessa Goss Patient 95
Darrell Hammond Bill Ruff
John Huck Stepdad
Theresa June-Tao Dream Stage Manager
Masa Kanome Tsunami
Toby Kebbell Patient 101
Sam Krumrine Jesus
Sun Maximus Patient 75 Young Counterpart
Natalie Morales Patient 6
Allyn Rachel Patient #066
Camille Ramsey Laura
Craig Robinson Patient 43
Brent Sexton Father
Tucker Smallwood General Jim Joynose Sr.
Taj Speights Patient 56
Iqbal Theba Patient 75
Michael Trucco Brother
Aidan Wallace Boy Krux
Tomas Chuck Knife Boi
Aaron Coleman Minister
Darin Cooper Priest
Elizabeth Hinkler Patient 96
Emily Hinkler Patient 69
Rick Kumazawa Combz
Jason Liles Patient 84
Glenn McCuen Male Gymnast
Thomas Middleditch Virgil Bottoms
Tiffany Panhilason Workout Lady
Daniella Pineda Patient 31
Simon Rhee Driver
Sam Richardson Patient 44
Tim Sitarz Bruno
Karan Soni Patient 27
Mindy Sterling Birdy
Baron Vaughn Corporate Trainer
Yimmy Yim Lydia Wright
Christopher Flynn Body Double - Patient #088 (2016)
Elyse Ashton Renaissance Dancer
Christopher David Gauntt Renaissance Dancer
Karen Kahler Renaissance Dancer
Katy Muzikar Renaissance Dancer

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