The Wizards of Aus (2016)

  • Australia
  • 84
  • Comedy
  • 2016
7.3 out of 10


For centuries, war had waged across the seven planes of the Magical Realm. It's all a little intense which is why Jack, a wizard commanding the elemental forces of nature, has decided that maybe he'll give living in Footscray a try.


Name Role
Michael Shanks Jack
Menik Gooneratne Kylie
Mark Samual Bonanno Skulldrich
Nicholas Issell Lord Mummy
Nicholas Colla Ghost Writer (Performance)
Ben Ridgwell Frank Jilkins
Mark Mitchell Senator Quinn
Bruce Spence Regimand
Nicolette Minster Mrs. Swinton
Craig Jansson Impossible Greek
Louie McNamara Irene
Liam McIntyre Bronlo the Slayer
Jared Daperis Ghost Writer
Nathan Reardon Dog-Man
Nath Valvo Citizen 1
Matthew McCaughey Citizen 2
Michael Lund Dog Owner
Samuel Johnson Terry
Jennifer Lund Citizen 3
Phil Lethlean Citizen 4
Rennie Watson Citizen 5
Alistair Marks Guard
Lucia Smyrk Elsa
Christie Whelan Browne Deborah Brickenwood
Tim Issell Butterman (suit)
Paul Verhoeven Horatio the Blower
Daniel Daperis West Guard
Sam McCabe Drunk Knight
Michael Waugh Country Singer
Alex Kypros Horse Guard
Guy Pearce Morgan Wright
Jordan Raskopoulos Marvolo
Jackson McInerney Zandark
Kyrié Nunan-Jackson Lady Caroliniana
Corben White Horse Guard
Wendy Bos Dating Coordinator
Georgia Bourk Busker
Hannah Camilleri Anna
Ryan O'Connell Teen 1
Stig Wemyss Snot-Beak Fuck-Nuggs
Luke Agius Teen 2
Mahalia Brown Rebecca
Sumah Hurley Medusa
Dean Kealy Teen 3
Liz Lethlean Miranda Merhtens
Marnie Colla Cat Legs Woman
Eve Eloise Gilbert Gallery Attendant
Billy Kelleher Waiter 1
Matylda Buczko Megan
Alexandra Hiller Distraught Parent
Broden Kelly Billy
Nick Cody Bobby
Claudia Tory Waiter 2
Rhys Mitchell Batty
Alexander Rigney Some Other Dude
Gabrielle Cole Bar Punter
Scout Jansson Young Girl
Catherine Ward Fan Girl

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