One of Us (2016)

  • United Kingdom
  • 231
  • Drama
  • 2016
7 out of 10
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A horrific murder rocks the lives of two families living side-by-side in isolated rural Scotland.


Name Role
Joanna Vanderham Claire Elliot
John Lynch Bill Douglas
Julie Graham Moira Douglas
Joe Dempsie Rob Elliot
Georgina Campbell Anna
Laura Fraser Juliet
Juliet Stevenson Louise Elliot
Gary Lewis Alastair
Steve Evets Andrew
Cristian Ortega Jamie Douglas
Anne Kidd Meredith
Chris Fulton Jay
Isis Hainsworth Maddy
Owen Whitelaw Lee Walsh
Jeremy Neumark Jones Adam Elliot
Kate Bracken Grace Douglas
Adrian Edmondson Peter Elliot
Kate Dickie Sal
Ben Ewing Young Rob
Harry Wood 12 Year old Adam
Kae Alexander Yuki
Beth Marshall Helen
James McAnerney Police Officer
Kanesly Tait 12 Year old Grace
Sarah McCardie Police Officer
Matthew Zajac Minister Matthews
Sean Connor Ant
Gilly Gilchrist Charlie Fuller
Elizabeth Healey Leah
Kim Allan Mandy
Louie O'Raw 5 Year old Adam
Anna Coote 8 Year old Claire
Maisie O'Raw 5 Year old Grace
Robin Laing Constable Hartley
Jack Burns 10 Year old Rob
Kirsty Strain Monica Grant
Daniel Campbell Craig
Amy Dunese Jenny
David Leith Police Officer
Dominic Watters Police Officer
James Harkness Matt
Ryan Paterson Damien
Gordon Alexander Man in suit
Paul Ellard Security
Jim Manclark CID Officer
Robert Yates Police Inspector
Garry McClay Police officer
Gordon Ryde Wedding Guest
Craig Stephens Neighbour Friend
Peter Rooney Diner
Debbie Stephens Blonde Neighbour Friend
James Cullen Prison Visitor

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