Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

  • United States
  • 113
  • Action
  • 2021
6.4 out of 10
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The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits two of the greatest icons in motion picture history against one another - the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty Kong - with humanity caught in the balance.


Name Role
Alexander Skarsgård Nathan Lind
Millie Bobby Brown Madison Russell
Rebecca Hall Ilene Andrews
Brian Tyree Henry Bernie Hayes
Shun Oguri Ren Serizawa
Eiza González Maia Simmons
Julian Dennison Josh Valentine
Lance Reddick Guillermin
Kyle Chandler Mark Russell
Demián Bichir Walter Simmons
Kaylee Hottle Jia
Hakeem Kae-Kazim Admiral Wilcox
Ronny Chieng Jay Wayne
John Pirruccello Horace
Chris Chalk Ben
Conlan Casal Apex Cybernetics Security Guard
Brad McMurray Apex Cybernetics Security Guard
Benjamin Rigby Sonar Operator
Nick Turello Apex Cybernetics Armed Guard
Daniel Nelson Hayworth
Priscilla Doueihy Monarch Mission Tech
Kei Kudo HEAV Pilot
Bradd Buckley HEAV Pilot
John Walton HEAV Co-Pilot
Daniel Tuiara HEAV Co-Pilot
David Castillo Maia Apex Cybernetics Guard
Kofi Yiadom Maia Apex Cybernetics Guard
Jim Palmer Maia Apex Cybernetics Guard
Valen Ahlo Runner
Travis Arrington Refugee
Shaun Barry Soldier
Dimitri Belke Monarch Flight Crew
Edwin Bond Driver
Chellé Brooks Party Goer
Eli Burbage Young Technician
Curtis Bush Admiral
Linda Cairns Monarch Worker
Svitlana Campbell APEX Employee
Kadrolsha Ona Carole Monarch Technician
Amanda Chang Monarch Worker
Darny Chau Business Pedestrian
Linda Chien Hong Kong Survivor
Arthur Costa Monarch Technician
Tom Coyle Bar Patron
Jess A. Cruz Apex Employee
Keiichi Enomoto Guard
Raul Espericueta Shopper
Phil Farmer Police Officer
Zac Fliss Military Tactical Squad
Piéra Forde Mission Tech
Sean Frazer Bar Patron
Dalton Fugate Pier Goer
Godzilla Godzilla
Tonia Renee Hammerich Monarch Technician
Leighton Hara Businessman
Barry Havenga Engineer
Charmain Jackson Apex Lab Technician
Timothy Christian Jansen Tourist
Raynesa Jonas Monarch Technician
Alice Lanesbury Bar Patron #1
Santi Lawson Apex Lab Tech
Sonny Le Thug
Paul S.W. Lee Businessman
Jasmine Liew Asian Kid
Steve Maggs Bar Patron
Van Marten Dr. Chen's Assistant
Niam Mayes US Navy Crew Member
Shawn McBride Fisherman
Robert McLachlan Bar Patron
Luis Pereira Monarch Military
Joel Pierce Monarch Tech #2
Jon Quested Construction Worker
Tasneem Roc Reporter
Charles Sans APEX Guard
Daniel Santana Jr. Party Goer
Alex Santi Hong Konger
Scott M. Schewe Fisherman
Rob Schyff Cafe Patron
Sen Shao Thug
Andrea Elizabeth Sikkink Driver / Passerby
Jason Speer Monarch Board Member
Jason Szabo Monarch Tactical Guard
Lara Thomas News Reporter
Tennille Thomas Shopper
Rachel Trautmann Lab Technician
Jacob Turner Lazer Operator
Jason Virgil Bartender
Scott Wallace Monarch Guard
Amber Walls Refugee
Drew Walton David Lind
Ken Watanabe Bar Patron
Lachlan Winters School Kid
Tara Wraith Monarch Flight Crew

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