Write It Black (0)

  • USA
  • Comedy
  • 0


A group of writers in the "Alternative Content Department" of WYTE Studios has 24 hours to come up with project ideas to submit for consideration by studio management.


Name Role
Mary LeGault Rebecca 'Becky' Bender
Dean Edwards Morris 'Punchline' Blackmon
Jamie Nieto Thomas 'Tom' Jefferson Washington, IV
Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman Violet Blossom
Jaime Reborn Matumaini 'Matty' Akachi
Adam Richmond Mitchell 'Mitch' Gaylord
Mike Messier Richard 'Dickie' Whitman, Jr.
Daryl Mooney Kevin 'Bucket' Benton
Thomas Whit Ellis Isaiah 'Straightman' Stratman
Shevon Nieto Aishia (Quaishia) Toussaint
Kellae Renae Shellee
James Allen Violent (brother of Violet)
Bernard Campbell King Leroy Tyrone X
Alice Wren Patricia 'Pat' Jemini

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