From a House on Willow Street (2016)

  • South Africa
  • 90
  • Action
  • 2016
4.8 out of 10


After a young woman is kidnapped, her captors soon come to realize that in fact they may be the ones in danger and this young woman has a dark secret inside her.


Name Role
Sharni Vinson Hazel
Carlyn Burchell Katherine
Steven John Ward Ade
Gustav Gerdener James
Zino Ventura Mark
Gina Shmukler Mrs. Hudson
Ter Hollmann Mr. Hudson
Ashish Gangapersad Vatican Priest 1
Jonathan Taylor Vatican Priest 2
Dimitri Bajlanis Georgie
Zelmia Bezuidenhout Hazel's Mom
Monica Ann Fourie James' Mom
Nicole De Klerk Sarah
Mia Slabbert Young Hazel

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