The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg (0)

  • United States
  • Drama
  • 0


A psychiatrist discovers that a medication for the treatment of acne is causing teenagers to kill themselves, and the pharmaceutical company sets out on a campaign to destroy the source of the threat to their billion dollar a year dr


Name Role
Hannah Fierman Ginny Bellaconda
Cynthia Watros Crystal Watson
Arye Gross Red Leghorn
Clayton Rohner Barry Naliboff
Tinashe Kajese Professor
Jason Burkey Ben Segelman
Holley Fain Kirsten Best
Alpha Trivette Calvin
Keith Arthur Bolden Mark Wilson
Suehyla El-Attar Candace Rogers
Tony Demil Homeless Man
Michael H. Cole Larry Cane
Shaan Sharma Ryan Dhingra
A. Smith Harrison Academic Guy
Lorraine Farris Isabella Forteo
Timothy Perez-Ross Sal Salinas
Alan Heckner Coach
Jason Turner Male Nurse
Alicia Kelley Secretary
John Crow Dr. Joshua Dayan
Sherry Richards Newark Judge
Norma Alvarez Wendy McNeil
Sarah Kay Jolly Lucia Forteo
Teal Sherer Court Reporter
Paul Brian Johnson Newark Bailiff
Allie O'Neill Dermatologist
Doug Bremner Old Man by the River
Katie Hahn Teacher
Vincent Foster Dr. Nelson Hilldale
Glenn Allen Clive Johnson
Charlton Hoag Dr. Charles Butterworth
Cade Weeks Young Johnny
Linda Kang Lisa Wang
Dylan Bremner Jimmy Bellaconda
Hannah Barnett Suzie
Bryson Levisay Lance
Jennifer Baskette-Ridings Professor #2
Jeremie Angome Dan
Darrell Davis Funeral Home Director
Dan Newman Appellate Court Judge
Craig S. Murphy Attendee 1
Olivia Babuka Black Jennie McNeil
Ryan Kelly Doni Heskalitas

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