Before Memory (0)

  • United States
  • Thriller
  • 0


A man suffering from amnesia teams up with a young girl to assist the FBI in solving the serial murders of eight young girls while struggling with flashbacks that suggest he may be the killer.


Name Role
Ronnie Gene Blevins Dr. Michael Capot
Leo Rossi Mr. Albert
Michele Nordin Mary Telford
Kerry Knuppe Agent Susan Bauer
Sydney Bullock Janie Telford
Martin Papazian Lyle Seeder
Nick McCallum Johnny Kasper
Chip Sickler Isaac Seeder
Nalita Murray Kara Anders
Robert Fleet Ben Lyons
Ben Seton Randall Seeder
Rose Rossi Carla Macomb
Ashleigh Prather Alice
Chloe Hicks Girl In Field
Andrew Ryan Peter Beckert
Edwin Mendez Dale Seeder

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