Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

  • United Kingdom, United States
  • 141
  • Action
  • 2017
6.7 out of 10
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After the Kingsman's headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, an allied spy organisation in the United States is discovered. These two elite secret organisations must band together to defeat a common enemy.


Name Role
Taron Egerton Eggsy
Edward Holcroft Charlie
Gordon Alexander Kingsman Cab Driver
Mark Strong Merlin
Hanna Alström Princess Tilde
Calvin Demba Brandon
Thomas Turgoose Liam
Tobi Bakare Jamal
Julianne Moore Poppy
Keith Allen Charles
Tom Benedict Knight Angel
Colin Firth Harry Hart
Michael Gambon Arthur
Sophie Cookson Roxy
Björn Granath The King of Sweden
Lena Endre The Queen of Sweden
Samantha Coughlan Tour Guide
Channing Tatum Tequila
Halle Berry Ginger
Elton John Elton John
Jeff Bridges Champ
Pedro Pascal Whiskey
Martyn Ford Glastonbury Guard
Poppy Delevingne Clara
Grant Gillespie Hotel Receptionist
Tara Hugo Kentucky Barmaid
Nicholas Colicos Very Drunk Redneck
Jordan Mifsud Patient One
Kaye Brown Patient Two
Paul Giddings Patient Three
Iain McKee Poppy's Antidote Doctor
Bruce Greenwood President of the United States
Emily Watson Chief of Staff Fox
Mark Arnold General McCoy
Shannon Bream FOX News Anchor
James Carroll Jordan Harvard Professor
Bill Hemmer FOX News Anchor
Stacey Swift Hospital Doctor
Alessandro De Marco Cable Car Attendant
Antonio Magro Confused Guard
Stephen Schreiber Elderly Patient 1
Count Prince Miller Elderly Patient 2
Jeff Ricketts Poppy's Attorney
Joe Gallina Poppy's Security Gate Guard
Ammara Niwaz Agent Whiskey's Wife
Mingus Johnston First Burly Guard
Samantha Womack Michelle
James Clayton Kingsman Knight
Bimbo Hart Kingsman Knight
Chester King Kingsman Knight
Alastair Mackintosh Kingsman Knight
Max Macintosh Kingsman Knight
Tom Parker-Bowles Kingsman Knight
Carlos Peres Kingsman Knight
Alexander Ananasso Nurse #1
Terence Anderson Senior Representative #6
Anti Bennie and Jet
Raj Awasti Infected Hospital Patient
Jamie-Lee Beacher Pedestrian
Paulina Boneva Scientist / Senior Nurse
Annarie Boor Hotel Guest
Keith Bunnett Redneck Bar Patron
Dan Burns Infected Dancer / Patient
Alexander Capon Teenage Son
Ross Carter Paramedic
Jonathan Cass Royal Butler
Renée Castle Dr. Smith
Emma Cavell Selfie Girl
Andy Cheung Senior Representative #8
Callum Chiplin Chesney
Gianpiero Cognoli Protest Leader
Alexandra Raphaela Cohen VIP Bar Girl
Crystal Compton Festival Goer
Tony Cook Chef
Richard Cooper Red Neck Bar Patron
Armin Coralic Security
Rene Costa Security
John Crawshaw Doctor
Nesba Crenshaw Religious Protester
Grant Crookes Paramedic
Nick Davison Festival Regular
Leigh Dent Press
Cristina Dohmen Newscaster #2
Robert Eames Orderly
Kezie Ejibe Police Officer
Sam Ettleman Infected Hospital Patient
Gary Fannin Suburban Dad
Al Fenderico Royal Swedish Grenadier
Alexandra Ford VIP Festival Goer
Rachel Fowler Suburban Mom
Lati Gbaja Anti-Protester
Claire Greasley Wedding Guest
Shane Griffin Poppy's Guard
Lee Nicholas Harris Doctor
Marc Hockley Presidential Bodyguard
Mark Holden Newscaster #1
Pete Buzzsaw Holland Distillery Worker
Honey Holmes Senior Nurse
Ruth Horrocks Passer By
Derek Horsham Senior Representative #3
Ty Hurley Caged Man
Petros L. Ioannou Golden Circle Soldier
Tobias James-Samuels Police Officer
Justified Press
Jackson Kai Festival VIP
Attila G. Kerekes Festival Goer
Fred King Infected Patient
Stefan Kopiecki Royal Footman
Alyson Larholm Wedding Guest
Jorge Leon Martinez Secret Service Agent
Chiara Lucotti VIP Festival
Thorston Manderlay Senior Representative #4
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo Security / Bodyguard
Anthony Milton Golden Circle Soldier
Feizal Mowlabocus Glastonbury Guard
Paul A Munday Guest
Yuriri Naka Japanese News Reporter
Rex Osafo-Asare Journalist
Nick Owenford Office Worker
Christopher Painter National Guard
Jessica Jill Partridge Red Neck Bar Patron
Yuha Pihanen Archbishop
Laurentiu Possa Grigor
Ivana Radjenovic Contemporary Dancer / Patient
Mike Ray Passer-by
Michael Redmond Redneck
Douglas Robson Second Burly Guard
Deborah Rock Tourist
Mark Ryder Glastonbury Attendee
Tamara Sharpe Festival VIP
Yaron Shavit Protester
Stuart Shepherd-Garner Soldier
Neil Summerville Senior Representative #2
Sinu Suresh Festival Goer
Hannah Templeton-Cox Crowd
Michael Thyx Secret Service
Stuart Whelan Royal Guest
David John William Williams Wedding Guest
Kieran Williams Swedish Guard
Richard Stephenson Winter Senior Representative #1

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