Superseven Unchained (2015)

  • United States
  • 95
  • Comedy
  • 2015
8.7 out of 10


T.H.E.Y. has programmed Sandra West to become a T.H.E.Y. assassin. Can Superseven stop her from killing more agents and prevent her head from exploding like a poodle in a microwave?


Name Role
Jerry Kokich Superseven
Olivia Dunkley Sandra West
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez Thunderpussy
Heather Bonomo Elke and Fifi
Brynn Bromley Miss Hashtag
Crystal Coney Dr. Drexler
Kelly Delson Helga
Doug Drexler Dobbs
Joe Foley Boris
Jennifer Kairis Mia Culpa
Maria Leicy Inga
BarBara Luna Sue Muru
Shannon McClung Jasper
Rachel Norris Hope Springs
Andrew Palmer Cross
Brooke Pascoe Sig
Rosanna Rizzuto Angela Rome
Emerald Robinson Agent Logan
Terry Shane Valdo
Vanessa Suarez Madame Wasabi
Glenn Takakjian The Fez
Inga Van Ardenn Natasha
Nisa Wong Sandra Lustenberg

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