Superseven Is Still My Name (2015)

  • United States
  • 95
  • Comedy
  • 2015
8.3 out of 10


An unknown assassin is killing the top agents of T.H.E.M. Superseven, Sandra West and Sparky race against time and the odds to bring the spy killing spree to an explosive end.


Name Role
Jerry Kokich Superseven
Olivia Dunkley Sandra West
Kurt Carley Big O
Crystal Coney Dr. Drexler
Sloan DeForest Miss Higgins
Kelly Delson Paula Bishop
Joe Foley Boris
Milena Gardasevic Sasha Banacek
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez Thunderpussy
Peter Greathouse The Scottish Assassin
Krystle Martin Emma Steele
Michelle Martonick Lexi Savage
Ali Nemutlu Faux Sandra West
Michael Paletta Guard
Andrew Palmer Buzz
Brooke Pascoe Sig
Danielle Rayne Cleopatra Moore
Julia Reese Miss Smithers
Joan Rizza Barbara Gordon
Emerald Robinson Agent Logan
Vanessa Suarez Madame Wasabi
Glenn Takakjian The Fez
Inga Van Ardenn Natasha

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