Hijacked (2017)

  • United States
  • 88
  • Action
  • 2017
3.9 out of 10
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A female FBI agent is offered millions to help a thief escape from a hijacked airplane.


Name Role
Denise Richards Gretchen Blair
Dolph Lundgren Matthew Sharpe
Jonathan Lipnicki Rick
John Posey Pilot
Greer Grammer Sadie
Chelsea Edmundson Clare
Peggy Miley Mrs. Walsh
Victoria Atkin Speedbird PA
Chuck Liddell Rawbones
Jordi Vilasuso Luke Byres
Kirk Barker Terry
Tom DeNucci Burly
Nick Principe Mechanic #1
Tandi Tugwell Passenger
Massimo Dobrovic Mechanic
Paul Vandervort Mechanic
Jared Safier SWAT Team Leader
George Lako Mechanic #2
Nicholas Walker Jacob
Stephen Graybill Businessman
Emilie Germain Beautiful French Woman
George Saunders Frenchman Phillipe
Niki Simone Business Class Passenger
Braxton Davis Jason
Joanna Koss Christina
Slim Khezri Economy Passenger
Robert Artz Passenger
Bruce Van Patten Officer Valentine
Johnny Meyer Passenger
Jennifer Lana Harper Helene
Anthony Dilio Special Agent Haas
Ian Niles First Officer
Ace Underhill Officer Stern
Naomi Koningen Passenger
Jacob Dwight Ramirez Ollie
Jeremy Olson Spotter
Alejandro Arzciat Plane VIP passenger
Gretchen Dickason Business Class Passenger
Jamel Baines First Class Passenger
Ryan George Passenger
John Paul Jones II Economy Passenger
Dan Gruenberg Economy Class Passenger
Grace Kendall Julia
Dennis Nicomede Coach Passenger
Jesse Cheever Man on Plane
Javier Chavarin Economy Passenger
Sonny Vleisides Officer Jones
Claudia Marie Dobbins Economy Class Passenger
Mattox Gardner Passenger
Chance Guess Lenny Pitch
Patrice Gibbs Economy Class Passenger
Hannah Rose Josie
Oneil Cassells Hostage
Matt Ammar Business Class Passenger
Sameer Khan Indian Passenger
Melissa House Passenger
Anthony Platipodis Dan Gilmore

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