Scales: Mermaids Are Real (2017)

  • United States
  • 92
  • Adventure
  • 2017
4.3 out of 10


A young girl faces the bittersweet reality that, on her upcoming twelfth birthday, she is destined to turn into a mermaid.


Name Role
Emmy Perry Siren
Elisabeth Röhm Tiffany
Morgan Fairchild Principal Strauss
Jack Dylan Grazer Adam
Nikki Hahn Crystal
Kimberly Daugherty Quinn
Stephen Snedden Gary Wilts
Sterling Sulieman Brodie
Mason Vale Cotton Martin
Noree Victoria Amber
Elsie Fisher Hayden
Hannah Fraser Emerald
Lily Berlina Mrs. Harper
Emily Rued Betty
A Leslie Kies Nurse Helen
Judy Tenuta Shopkeeper
Jeff Odachowski Terrin
Bonnie Hellman Orderly
Jeff Bosley Guard
Amanda Serra Linda
Gillian Wee Angry Driver
Elaine Perry Mermaid voice
Shayda Shivaei Mermaid
Elvira Sinelnik Mermaid
Kerry Wiley Mermaid
Caroline Esther Sullivan Mermaid
Chloe London Mermaid
Ashlyn Bobele Mermaid
Grant Dugger Hunter
Gabriel Gabbard Hunter
Pj Jenkins Hunter
Franko Marcano Hunter
Bryce Taven Ponce-Owens School Kid
Maren Ritterbuck School Kid
Nigel Sauter Hunter
Joe Spampinato Hunter

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