Adventures in Babysitting (2016)

  • USA
  • 105
  • Adventure
  • 2016
6.1 out of 10


Two teen rival babysitters, Jenny and Lola, team up to hunt down one of their kids who accidentally runs away into the big city without any supervision.


Name Role
Sabrina Carpenter Jenny Parker
Sofia Carson Lola Perez
Nikki Hahn Emily Cooper
Mallory James Mahoney Katy Cooper
Max Gecowets Trey Anderson
Jet Jurgensmeyer Bobby Anderson
Madison Horcher AJ Anderson
Kevin Quinn Zac Chase
Gillian Vigman Helen Anderson
Gabrielle Miller Donna Cooper
Michael P. Northey Tiny
Ken Lawson Scalper
Max Lloyd-Jones Officer James
Kevin O'Grady Barry Cooper
Hugo Ateo Hal Anderson
Emiliano Díez Leon Vasquez
Amitai Marmorstein Douglas
Jasmine Chan Dominique Cassidy
Kathryn Kirkpatrick Trixie
Sean Tyson Officer Fitz
Kelsey Dodds Jailer Swift-Siren
Amy Thomas Belle
Dave Ward Dead Man
Teana-Marie Smith Female Officer
J.C. Williams Police Officer
Chris Nowland Cop #1
Cameron Dent Cop #2
Kwasi Thomas DJ Chill
William Stewart Big Pink
Simon Chin Planetarium Guard
Michael Roberds Head Chef
Raf Rogers Pastry Chef
Lisa MacFadden Party Hostess
Jacqueline Breakwell Coat Check Girl
Arielle Tuliao Staff Girl
Adam Charles Staff Boy
Jan Bos MC
Pearce Visser Carl
Trezzo Mahoro Tino
Joshua Morettin Trent
Ali Skovbye Samantha
Sierra Sidwell Rosario
Pendo Muema Imani
Michael Jonsson Concert Guard #1
Curtis Albright Art Student
Matthew Hoglie Pedestrian
John Specogna Gala Event Attendee
Morgan Tanner Dancer

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