Mayhem (2017)

  • United States
  • 86
  • Action
  • 2017
6.4 out of 10
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A virus spreads through an office complex causing white collar workers to act out their worst impulses.


Name Role
Steven Yeun Derek Cho
Samara Weaving Melanie Cross
Steven Brand John 'The Boss' Towers
Caroline Chikezie Kara 'The Siren' Powell
Kerry Fox Irene Smythe
Dallas Roberts Lester 'The Reaper' McGill
Mark Frost Ewan Niles
Claire Dellamar Meg
André Eriksen Colton 'The Bull' Snyder
Nikola Kent Oswald
Lucy Chappell Jenny
Olja Hrustic CDC Official
Vladan Mirkovic SWAT Commander
Bojan Peric Miles
Annamaria Serda Brenda
Jovana Prosenik Dena
Nina Senicar Tessa
Irfan Mensur Partner
Branko Jerinic Partner
Zoran Miljkovic Partner
Danica Radulovic Partner
Eilian Wyn Partner
Brendan Stokey Partner
Ljubomir Todorovic Partner
Monika Romic Partner
Armando Antonio Romero RPF Security Guard #1
Srdjan Pantelic RPF Security Guard #2
Pavle Jerinic RPF Security Guard #3
Lazar Miljkovic RPF Security Guard #4
Alen Velickovic RPF Security Guard #5
Greg De Cuir RPF Security Guard #7
Zoran Pajic RPF Security Guard #7
Vladimir Aleksic Nevil Reed
Scott Alexander Young Frank
James Owen Newscaster
Lidija Antonic Infected
Dragana Atlija Bounty Hunter
Danijela Banic Infected
James Dougherty Infected
Lilith Fury Infected office worker
Adam Green Infected Office Worker
Marko Herceg Infected
Ivan Juric Infected
Aleksandar Kebara Infected
Novo Keranovic Featured Infected
Pavle Knezevic Art Instructor
Yuri Lowenthal Infected
Joe Lynch Ray the IT Guy
Milan Mijuskovic Infected
Milan Milicevic Featured Infected
Boris Mladenovic Infected
Jelena Petkovic Featured Infected
Ben Rock Infected
Goran Sacka Featured Infected
Tiffany Shepis Infected Office Worker
Ivana Zivkovic Featured Infected

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