The Witch (2015)

  • Canada, USA
  • 92
  • Drama
  • 2015
6.9 out of 10


A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic, and possession.


Name Role
Anya Taylor-Joy Thomasin
Ralph Ineson William
Kate Dickie Katherine
Harvey Scrimshaw Caleb
Ellie Grainger Mercy
Lucas Dawson Jonas
Julian Richings Governor
Bathsheba Garnett The Witch
Sarah Stephens The Witch, Young
Daniel Malik Black Phillip
Axtun Henry Dube Samuel
Athan Conrad Dube Samuel
Viv Moore Lead Coven Witch
Karen Kaeja Coven Witch
Brandy Leary Coven Witch
R. Hope Terry Coven Witch
Carrie Eklund Coven Witch
Madlen Sopadzhiyan Coven Witch
Paul Kenworthy Militia Man 1
Mark Millman Militia Man 2
Andy Volpe Militia Man 3
Phillip Wynne Wampanoag Man
Annawon Weeden Wampanoag Man
Michael O'Hare Pipe Smoker
Chris Messier Shepherd
Ron G. Young Old Slater
Norah Messier Shepherdess
Bill Rudder Settler
Grace Duffy Settler
Sophie Bermudez Settler
Corrine Manning Settler
Heather Huntington Stewart Chamber Pot Woman
Brooklyn Herd Noble Girl
Derek Herd Peasant Man 1
Jeff Smith Nobelman

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