Tales of Halloween (2015)

  • United States
  • 97
  • Adventure
  • 2015
5.5 out of 10


Ten stories are woven together by their shared theme of Halloween night in an American suburb, where ghouls, imps, aliens and axe murderers appear for one night only to terrorize unsuspecting residents.


Name Role
Adrienne Barbeau The Radio DJ
Hunter Smit Sweet Tooth (segment "Sweet Tooth")
Cameron Easton Timothy Blake (segment "Sweet Tooth")
Caroline Williams Mrs. Blake (segment "Sweet Tooth")
Robert Rusler Mr. Blake (segment "Sweet Tooth")
Clare Kramer Lt. Brandt-Mathis (segment "Sweet Tooth")
Greg Grunberg Alex Mathis (segment "Sweet Tooth")
Daniel DiMaggio Mikey (segments "Sweet Tooth" & "Ding Dong")
Austin Falk Kyle (segment "Sweet Tooth")
Madison Iseman Lizzy (segment "Sweet Tooth")
Barry Bostwick Mr. Abbadon (segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell")
Marcus Eckert Billy (segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell")
Christophe Zajac-Denek Mordecai / The Little Devil (segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell")
Ben Stillwell Todd (segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell")
Natalie Castillo Britney (segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell")
Adam Pascal The Dentist (segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell")
Adrianne Curry Adrianne Curry (segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell")
Rafael Jordan Alien (segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell")
John F. Beach James (segment "Trick")
Tiffany Shepis Maria (segment "Trick")
Casey Ruggieri Catlyn (segment "Trick")
Trent Haaga Nelson (segment "Trick")
Marnie McKendry Princess (segment "Trick")
Rebekah McKendry Mother (segment "Trick")
Mia Page Girl - Witch (segment "Trick" & "Ding Dong")
Clay Keller Alien (segment "Trick")
Kennedy Fuselier "Gypsy" AKA "Cinderella" (segment "Trick")
Sage Stewart Devil (segment "Trick") / Devil Girl (segment "Ding Dong")
Alex Essoe Lynn (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
Bianca Rose Miller Little Girl (segment "Trick")
Lin Shaye Lynn's Mother (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
Liesel Hanson Mary Bailey (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
V Nixie Mary Bailey (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
Barbara Crampton The Witch (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
Lisa Marie The Victorian Widow (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
Mick Garris The Phantom (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
Stuart Gordon Sherlock Holmes (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
Anubis Baby (segment "Grim Grinning Ghost")
Marc Senter Jack (segment "Ding Dong")
Pollyanna McIntosh Bobbie (segment "Ding Dong")
Lilly Von Woodenshoe Gretel (segment "Ding Dong")
Vanessa Menendez Lone Child's Mother (segment "Ding Dong")
Lucas Armendariz Lone Child (segment "Ding Dong")
Ben Woolf Rusty Rex (segments "Ding Dong" & "The Ransom of Rusty Rex")
Mo Meinhart Witch / Bobbie's Hand / Arm Double (segment "Ding Dong")
Hart Keathley Child Astronaut (segment "Ding Dong")
Aidan Gail Child Fireman (segment "Ding Dong") / Kevin (segment "Bad Seed")
Gavin Keathley Child Jake Gyllenhal (segment "Ding Dong")
Felissa Rose Parent (segment "Ding Dong")
Keir Gilchrist The Stranger (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")
Gracie Gillam Alice (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")
Booboo Stewart Isaac (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")
Noah Segan Bart (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")
Jack Dylan Grazer Young Stranger (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")
Katie Silverman Young Alice (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")
Matt Merchant The Demon (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")
Dana Gould Boris (segment "This Means War")
James Duval Dante (segment "This Means War")
Elissa Dowling Velma (segment "This Means War")
Graham Denman Ziggy (segment "This Means War")
Thomas Blake Jr. Axl (segment "This Means War")
Sean Clark Tytan (segment "This Means War")
Buz Wallick Danzy (segment "This Means War")
Joshua Lou Friedman Butch (segment "This Means War")
Jennifer Wenger Vicki / Possessed Dorothy (segments "This Means War" & "Friday the 31st")
Michael Monterastelli Goober (segment "This Means War")
Graham Skipper Cop / Hellman (segments "This Means War" & "Bad Seed")
Adam Green Cop / Carlo (segments "This Means War" & "Bad Seed")
Lombardo Boyar Gambling Neighbor (segment "This Means War")
Cody Goodfellow Drunken Neighbor (segment "This Means War")
Frank Blocker Judge Mustache (segment "This Means War")
Andy Merrill Neighbor (segment "This Means War")
Frank Dietz Neighbor (segment "This Means War")
Noel Jason Scott Nosferatu (segment "This Means War")
Shaked Berenson Detective, Mexican Wrestler (segment "This Means War")
Amanda Moyer Dorothy (segment "Friday the 31st")
Nick Principe Killer (segment "Friday the 31st")
John Landis Jebediah Rex (segment "The Ransom of Rusty Rex")
Jose Pablo Cantillo Dutch (segment "The Ransom of Rusty Rex")
Sam Witwer Hank (segment "The Ransom of Rusty Rex')
Kristina Klebe Detective McNally (segment "Bad Seed")
Pat Healy Forensic Bob (segment "Bad Seed")
Greg McLean Ray Bishop (segment "Bad Seed")
Cerina Vincent Ellen Bishop (segment "Bad Seed")
John Savage Capt. J.G. Zimmerman (segment "Bad Seed")
Dana Renee Ashmore Coroner #1 (segment "Bad Seed")
Dylan Struzan Coroner #2 (segment "Bad Seed")
Drew Struzan Rembrandt (segment "Bad Seed")
Nicole Laino Cheryl (segment "Bad Seed")
Monette Moio Cheerleader Girl (segment "Bad Seed")
Noah Nevins Cheerleader Boyfriend (segment "Bad Seed")
Joe Dante Prof. Milo Gottleib (segment "Bad Seed")
Alexandra Fritz Pirate (segment "Bad Seed")
Halie Aquino Background
Gloria Bradbury Alien (segment "Ding Dong")
Lexi Brandy Little Girl's Mom (segment "Ding Dong")
Andy Casillas Piggy (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")
Heather Ashley Chase Dectective Gemma (The Bad Seed )
Shawna Cupples Background
Rick Galiher Neighbor (segment "This Means War")
Steven Gonzales Parent (segment "Ding Dong")
Paula Haifley Neighbor (segment "This Means War")
Aaron Kai Neighbor (segment "This Means War")
River Keathley Little Girl (segment "Ding Dong")
Brandon Lamberty Background
Rebecca Lord Background Neighbor (segment "This Means War")
Michelle Parkman Parent (segment "Ding Dong")
Aja Preston Background
Clint Sears Background
Jackson Stewart Background
Serinity Thomas Background
Boriana Williams
Yindra Zayas Background
Axelle Carolyn Background
A.J. Meyers Young Bart (segment "The Weak and the Wicked")

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