Replicas (2018)

  • UK, China, Puerto Rico, USA
  • 107
  • Drama
  • 2018
5.5 out of 10


A scientist becomes obsessed with bringing back his family members who died in a traffic accident.


Name Role
Keanu Reeves William Foster
Alice Eve Mona Foster
Thomas Middleditch Ed Whittle
John Ortiz Jones
Emjay Anthony Matt Foster
Emily Alyn Lind Sophie Foster
Aria Lyric Leabu Zoe Foster
Nyasha Hatendi Scott
Amber Rivera Margaret
Jonathan Dwayne Security Guard #2
Luis Gonzaga Officer Pérez
Andres Ramos Officer Rodríguez
Jeffrey Holsman Blue Eyes
Sunshine Logroño Héctor
Angela Alvarado Ms. Barnes
Valentín Ramírez Sheik Bin Ouissam
Nicole Colón Ouissam's Coordinator
Brendan Clack Security Guard #1
Leo Álvarez Security Guard #6
Amber Townsend Lab Tech
Omar Cruz Soto Lab Techs
Jean Pierre Prats Lab Tech
Jose L. Roman Biotech Scientist Facility
Iván J. Torres Lasanta Biotech Scientist: Bionine Lab

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