The Mystery Hour (2012)

  • United States
  • Talk-Show
  • 2012
9 out of 10


Jeff Houghton and company bring you a local late night talk show to Springfield, Missouri. With several skits and wacky antics, this show is sure to bring you great laughs.


Name Role
Jeff Houghton Self - Host
Dave Smith Self - Announcer
Sarah Jenkins Self
Tom Trtan Self
Scott Kirchner Self
Tyler Snodgrass Self
Matt Allen Self
Michelle Houghton Self
Alan Beumer Cheryl the O'Possum
Jeff Jenkins Self
Chad Harris Peter's Lawyer
Kevin Cott Self - Musical Guest
Jake Rogers Self - Musical Guest
J.W. Grisbee Self - Musical Guest
Hamburger Cows Themselves - Musical Guests
Barak Hill Self - Musical Guest
Sam Swinson Self - Musical Guest
Kyle Lacy Self - Musical Guest
The Sum of All Themselves - Musical Guests
Michele Houghton Sexy Lady
Lija Fonner Self - Musical Guest
Danny Lutman Self
Nathan Fredrick Self - Musical Guest
Nick Saverino Self
Isaac Neele Self - Musical Guest
Dallas Jones Self - Musical Guest
Sunset To Burns Themselves - Musical Guests
Carmen Burguess Self - Musical Guest
Giulia Rusciano Self - Musical Guest
The Give Up Themselves - Musical Guests
Anna Neele Self - Musical Guest
Yakov Smirnoff Self
Kim Crosby Self
Randall J. Bacon Self
Will Worsham Self
Emma Chapman Self
Elsie Larson Self
Todd Gummerman Self
Cameron Mansker Self
Julián Pacheco Self
Nicolae Girardi Self
Shawn Mathews Self
Johnny Wilkinson Self
Devin Cera Self
George Hoffman Self - Comedian
Dan Reiter Self
Michelle Nimmo Self - Poet
Jamie Williams Self
Jeff Seifried Self
Cornbelt Chorus Themselves - Musical Guest
Doug Wilson Self
Seth White Self - Poet
Julie White Self
Angel Gonzales Self
Chad Harris The Mayor
Barry Williams Self
Wes Pratt Self
Damian Gonzales Self
Greg Burris Self
Lucas Grabeel Self
Brook Linder Self
Alex Hall Self
Kevin Howard Jr. Self
Dawn McClain Self
Jim Downing Self
Julia Blackman Self
Scott Bailes Self
Zack Exley Self
Elizabeth Delaney Self
Delta Sol Revival Themselves - Musical Guests
Andrew Mihalevich Self
Christie Hatman Self
D.J.P. Self
Kevin Renick Self
J. Fotsch Self
Brandon Lockhart Self
Gretchen Teague Self - Poet
Shawn Askinosie Self
Tom Billionis Self
Clif Smart Self
Seth Truett Self - Musical Guest
Nick Sibley Self
Shannon Miller Self
Travis Pastrana Self
Jeremiah Gallagher Self
Matt Fahey Self
Motor Panties Themselves - Musical Guests
Sarah Jenkins Self - Comedienne
Luke Ashlocke Comedian
Eddie Gumucio Themselves - Musical Guests
Roland Parny Self
Lisa Curry Self
Cailee Spaeny Self
Emma Willmann Self
Allie Goertz Self
Tommy Haines Self
Cullen Bunn Self
Simon Majumdar Self
Julie Blackman Self
Michael Zahs Self
Efren Ramirez Self
Leslie David Baker Self
Samm Levine Self
Barry Williams Self
Shawn Askinosie Self
David Romano Self
Randy Santel Self - Guest
Bryan Copeland Self - Guest
C.M. Punk CM Punk
Dana Powell Self
Carmelita Jeter Self

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