The Goldfinch (2019)

  • United States
  • 149
  • Drama
  • 2019
6.4 out of 10


A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In a rush of panic, he steals 'The Goldfinch', a painting that eventually draws him into a world of crime.


Name Role
Oakes Fegley Young Theo Decker
Ansel Elgort Adult Theo Decker
Nicole Kidman Mrs. Barbour
Jeffrey Wright Hobie
Luke Wilson Larry
Sarah Paulson Xandra
Willa Fitzgerald Adult Kitsey Barbour
Aneurin Barnard Adult Boris
Finn Wolfhard Young Boris
Ashleigh Cummings Adult Pippa
Aimee Laurence Young Pippa
Robert Joy Welty
Boyd Gaines Mr. Barbour
Carly Connors Young Kitsey Barbour
Luke Kleintank Adult Platt Barbour
Hailey Wist Theo's Mother
Ryan Foust Young Andy Barbour
Jack DiFalco Young Platt Barbour
Austin Weyant Adult Toddy Barbour
Collin Shea Schirrmacher Young Toddy Barbour
Denis O'Hare Lucius Reeve
Angela Cove Female Social Worker
Alton Fitzgerald White Male Social Worker
Joey Slotnick Dave (Theo's Psychiatrist)
Dylan Boyd Student
Gordon Winarick Adult Tom Cable
Nicky Torchia Young Tom Cable
James Donahower Mr. Beeman
Don Castro Detective #1
Robert Turano Detective #2
Alma Cuervo Store Owner
Hank Rogerson Vegas Teacher
Ryan Katherine Stearns First Student
Tiana Youtzy Second Student
Peter Jacobson Mr. Silver
Caroline Day Em
Kevin Owen McDonald Boris' Father
Karl Jacob Man
Raphael Corkhill Barman
Matteo van der Grijn Gyuri
Gerson Oratmangoen Indonesian Man
Mark Kingsford Grozdan
Bill Barberis Martin
Milan Sekeris Frits
Brandon Chen Chinese Teen
Sandy Lopez Janet
Misha Osherovich Shirley T
Puja Desai Mehta Optometrist
David Makman Forrest Longstreet
Harry Smith Everett
Harry Adam Student
Anne-Marie Agbodji Receptionist
Phoebe Amirault Middle School Student
Olivia Anne Met Bombing Victim
Piper Baine Middle School Student
Veronica Bikowicz Middle School Student
Chloe Bloom Middle School Student
Rick Bolander Paramedic
Roger Brenner FDNY / Emt
Regina Byrne Middle School Student
Jake Cerny Middle School Student
Raina Cheng Middle School Girl
Gabrielle Chevalier Student Walking in Background
Jackson Cottrell Middle School Student
Willa Dana Middle School Student
Rachel de la Torre Restaurant Patron
Pamela Dunlap Mrs. Vogel
Scott Eliasoph Doorman
Nancy Farrell The Godmother
Robert John Gallagher Detective
Gavin Gershon Middle School Student
Domenica Giannetti Middle School Kid
Ta'Nika Gibson News Reporter
Kathryn Grace Middle School Student
Ben Hollandsworth Race
Kimberly L. Jackson Pedestrian
Sallie Johnson Xandra's Friend
Aidan Kennedy Middle School Student
Avery E. King Middle School Student
Hannah Kurczeski Middle School Student
Jarrod LaBine Engagement Party Attendee
James LaPrelle Restaurant patron
Sarah Kathryn Makl Middle School Student
Caden Asher Mazurek Middle School Student
Doris McCarthy Party Guest
Kevin D. McGee Doorman
Anna Memija Middle School Student
Ilira Memija Middle School Student
Jalina Mercado Middle School Student
Donna Mitchell Mrs. Hildesley
Sylvie Mortenson Restaurant Patron
Peyton Noga Girl on School Bus
Tara Pacheco Class Teacher
Alexa Rayne Middle School Student
Natalie Rosati Middle School Student
Juliana Scherer Middle School Girl
Leanne Sepanek Middle School Student
Mathieu Silverman Middle School Student
Sophia Rose Spiegel Middle School Student
Jake Taber Middle School Kid
Vincent Tumeo Bar Patron - Restaurant
Dante Zuccaro Socialite

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